Why is there an appearance of something?

I reflect upon the universe for I am conscious in an advanced manner as consciousness reflecting upon itself. Then why do things appear as they are instead of revealing the true nature of themselves? The car appears to be as it is rather than revealing itself of various components which no doubt is revealed on closer inspection. But why to inspect closely why not car reveals its essence immediately when we see one?

The things exist according to the laws of Quantum Physics which forbids to reveal the truer self unless closely examined for the universe was created with a contingency plan for the creation needed to project itself into the future as is proved by Science, the universe is expanding. The expanding universe indicates there was a contingency plan in big bang to project far into the future.

Now when I see a car, the car is not only meant for the immediate moment but has a contingency plan for it exists for the future too. Thus we see the appearance of things rather than the essence of things as revealed to us. This is the reason why the man took long to invent computers. It was hidden in the contingency plan of future. Thus we could say we abstract things from the future and all the things man ever need are present in the contingency plan of big-bang.

God as perfect representation for parallel universe

The nth degree as is used to define the highest degree, defines the form of God which is no doubt both human as He has to have an image of man, and divine as He has to have perfection of the highest degree.

Omniscience and omnipotence are the two attributes of God and that implies knowledge and power are present in highest degrees within  the existence of God.

The existence is not personal, transcendent and that of a creator that the God could be defined as. The God is not something that is inward or outward in nature as the subject who would believe God to be inwards might distinguish himself as God, quite contrary to the idea of God while the outwards existence of God could imply the existence of God as any other matter of the universe beyond which He actually lies. So God must not exist in this dimension but in some other dimension.

So God signifies what is wisdom and power that the rulers in modern times desire but cannot realise as the state could not establish the validity of an individual if the God is taken as the head of the state. Hence God is a hypothesis of the simulated universe or parallel universe in which He actually resides leaving the people in the third dimension to vie for knowledge and power which are semblance of God and hence serve as means to realise the God himself.

Dark matter is not so dark

cropped-utopiaimage11.jpgDark matter having no energy emitted and having anti gravity is supposed to be the opposite of matter with our universe made up of 68% of it. It is a fly wheel with matter receding away from us. The dark matter doesn’t interact with matter and is a universe within a universe of itself. It is invisible mass that hasn’t seen the light of the day. Maybe it is the dark matter with its preponderance in the universe that is driving the universe into finite wholesome. lying obscure yet important as it is gravitational in nature as exerting the pull of matter away from itself. May be it was the destiny of God particle to steer what could not be seen into the finiteness with which the universe exploded in the big bang.

It is that dark matter is without a graviton yet gravitating away from itself, it is life into itself where the only mode of existence for matter is to separate yet it has been together for the time the universe had been which is significant so far. So the dark matter is driving the universe into its wholesomeness towards something existing in time and the dark matter does not move towards timelessness as could be found in the black holes which could be an entry into another universe. The ying of a yang, the male of a  female, the dark matter complements matter and completes the picture of the universe where both positive and negative forces exist thereby completing the creation.


A momentary lapse of reason in time-space continuum

The reason slips memory and goes awry in the domain of imagination when time-space continuum is only a conception of space while space is an idea of pure intuition that is derived in a manner of awareness about the time of the day it is. Time is not an intuition but a function of memory such that we remember the last summer of 1969 as only passage of time while we remember what we felt then.

Given such condition of time-space continuum existing within the man that he differs from machine such that consciousness is direct function of time-space continuum. Though the consciousness is further a function of energy being stored at fixed frequency such that matter is only an idea though real in mind. So objects in time-space continuum are real. The space is a fictional substance but not having love essence which is with God while time is a smokescreen of space where man could be thought of smoking space in function of time itself.

 To think of space and time as properties of God is potentially to regard God as spatiotemporal, which is verboten from the point of view of many seventeenth-century thinkers.

In this context of time-space as reincarnation of human soul that there happens a momentary lapse of reason such that the soul could not program itself like a computer which it could drive as being.

Einstein assumes nothing is at rest in the universe but God

All inertial systems are in constant motion relative to each other.The initial cause of motion is constant to all systems. Nothing is at rest but the initial cause or first cause of motion.The initial cause provided equal momentum to all systems so that they move relative to each other. The initial cause is external to all systems.Hence must be a multiverse and it all started like God kicking a football into perpetual motion.

Parallel universe had no time dimension

The nature does not repeat itself. If you look around the universe you would hardly find any repetition. Like in medicine the unique DNA assures there is unique imprint of the universe. Hence the nature had unique infinity as its primary attribute. Likewise it might have infinite beginning so there is a likelihood of parallel universe with no time dimension and infinite space as if it had no beginning in time.

Hinduism in nutshell

Math01When there was nothing

When there was nobody,

Self was existing as a flower,

in the head of Brahmin,

Who was God,

And in the beginning God set a,

Divine music into motion,

Calculating space in the bounds,

And time was born,

Following the trajectories of stars,

When there was nothing,

There was time in the head of God,

And everything hence followed suit.