The books of wilderness

The books, the all sort of books are the foundation upon which a dream city or a promised land could be built.The men of ideas have proved before them that the mind that revolves around the books is not feverish in its course but a mind that arouse the sleeping civilization from its dreams or broken records of self indulgence.So the books become important in the course of history.

Right from the invention of the printing press in the mid-fifteenth century, it was destined for the poor man to console himself with the ideas of freedom and liberty.The poor man yearned for the freedom to be equal in the society with the writings of Voltaire and Rousseau.The printing press and hence the books played vital role in enlightening of men in the various ages of the modern civilization that books now embody the spirit of knowledge and domain.But the books could also represent a fevered mind languishing in the citadels of power when the regime turns out to beĀ  absolutely totalitarian.Under such circumstances the books could become the source of anguish and the history of men proved that such languishing mind in yielding to be free have brought upon with itself a feverish need to be enlightened.

This wilderness that man spends his time to be in the company of books proves that the ideas attained in the great revolutions like the American revolution, the French revolution and the Russian revolution would always be imbibed in the spirit of romance of the ages to come in the wake of men of knowledge.The wilderness of books is the passage of time in knowing oneself ,one’s position in the world and the state of man’s affairs.The rulers around the world must realize the importance of democracy and the role played by the books in bringing about the change.