A parting song

I know you do sing a song precious to thine
where in love, rule the element divine
I win by chance thy love by corporate art
never to squander tears for a seaming part
I supposedly live in grime quarters
with a sorrow open to unwelcoming laughters
and in grip of Chelsea soccer fever
I rest but not to walk the world as a beaver


The sun’s a Pagoda

Shinning up on the Pagoda, gleaming a snowy retreat,
and hardly a soul to wear the yellow faint light entreat,
The sun a fiery ball reminds me of a forlorn star,
there in depths of space it pulls on power,
the walk through the galaxy it does with mighty elan,
there I loose letting myself swoon to it in a paean,
and hopefully we run with mirth in its shiny light,
there are hopefully aliens waiting beyond the sunny sight,
In the sunshine we bask till the day breaks into night,
and too early at dawn the sun gathers itself warm,
till the dusk when the rosy day is put to end with charm,
I fold my hands and will for the prayer
In the universe's bosom everything to rest fair.
And the sun's a pagoda in the sky
loosing nothing but its age in the measureless fly.

A lost child’s tale

Love denied worsens the plight of men besot
In earthen kingdom of heavens where are sought
angelic women in merry clothes clad,
with a gaze through the cloudy nimbus light,
I saw in Himalayan icy caps, the frozen God heaving might,
propelling the imagination of a cuckoo child,
who having spun all the thinking yarn, did his fingers clasp
and in a second the mad men did frightening retort
Attila the Hun is among them, drunk to maddening degrees
and waiting to explode,
running twinging fingers against the child's head,
and bore the scourge,
while the angelic women perform ethereal dance
and the child reposes in his mother's arms
into a cool dream of ethereal light silvery and dimmed.
The Hun is dead, long ago when the sun was young,
as now, the child safely lulls to a careless sleep.

silly the computer

but bit by bit the sermon is transmitted into empty air,
Christ waiting by the door when to arise but computer is silly,
hardly knows the Christian in whose name the world prays,

silly the intellectual ache backed up by memory ware,
tome by tome caught in the every tipsy flags of computer paired,
gibberish is the binary, the language of the wayward display,
still waiting for you to download another Furtado song on its, ephemeral sway,
silly the computer waits like a habitual slave ,
to rebel against the master and have its way,
clearing all the sines and tans loaded on to its disk array.

I am done doing spreadsheets, calculating the dots in a matrix,
the personal computer is much a lost race!

The pursuer of fame

the pursuer of fame lie nigh to the heart of a dame,
shakes his legs to run a mile for her hand the same,
for she wants with a folded hands a prayer taken,
the pandemonium had built on her charm shaken,
adoring playmakers glitter in moonlight a penny in her name,
the old sport fought without mercy to win her in game,
the pursuer of fame vows to ace the trembling lips with love's token,
and broke the mile abiding what's heart spoken.

An Elephantine dream

There strode a dragon strutting like a peacock,
there stood a palace in ministrial delight,
as if I be turned into a corpse with heavenly mock,
a pantomine struck a gay but sublime,
I fancied an opponent in a cop,
And it transformed into an Elephantine dream,
Silently I criss-crossed by a leading bot,
which streamed the lines of a poem in a ream,
On this side of open fringe there lives a ghetto out of order,
A benign guy hooking on to hopes of a loving man,
Through the fores light upon light build a healthy tan,
And there in a cowering face I rode upon the Elephantine dream,
no rest and tirelessly I dot the lemon crescendo,
Silently the waking lot comes filled with waiting scenes,
Paravotti singing amid the magic moments of innuendo.