Here the love!

Would you shoot the day for the red carpet?

Anymore casting as a maenad would.

The only vista for a desire being

Ambrosia for the soul or for the halcyon don!

Or Donna would you go shooting at the bay,

A blue nun moored to wayward winds!

With your eyes drawing blank ripples on the sea of love

Let’s pass on from a seamless night to another panting

like a storm in the certitude of its vicinity!


A kiddish joy

When the evening enfolds and tenderly enmesh

I rest upon thy breast as a kid on the leash

There unfolds the dream of the dancing boy

leaving me rasping with childish joy

at the name of what is called love in French amour

Eating one’s heart out


Getting an earful from the bartender,

I got an edge and left the bar steaming,

Earthbound for I was embalmed and tender,

crossed over the street dreaming fencing.


To have access to meet the ends,

I rather have a midget as a boss,

who would rather throw up the bends,

locking me really hard to a word loss.


In the end, love comes as it is,

unwounded by the hunters of yore,

who hunted the skull of man for a more,

and I stand against the wall for a kiss.


You part away from the lips like a blue albatross,

and nonetheless, I watch blinded by amore,

nothing you whisper but amen across,

and I fold my arms in a fit of a jilted Paramore.

A Spaceship to Mars

The gates opened to the Ship-wrecked straight spaceship to Mars

Once on the sapceship we shall meet more in tune with time than against

first a middle class has to be hounded to avenge the time

spent for saddling against the classless Chinese cafes

and raising the slogans for humans to rot on the earth instead

Steal the instruments on to the ship and dive to Mars instead

Captain! Oh Captain Shall we take the sun on challenge to Mars

where the light is thinner than death and death the thinner than life

as it is on the earth. We must embark on a journey to Mars instead.