The Dreams

Let the earth be the garden of love’s fruit

and we choose the demanding devil’s flute

to bear the test of love in ringlets as we smoke

away time for in all its colorless hues

of spring and fall, and with frazzled hands

we open the pawned Guitar

to play on lease the songs of union in earthen delight

it is the earth that bears us in all we have the wingless flight.

And let us implant our feet in the earth’s loam

for it is our dreams to forge amore and love decide


A Lament

I have set eyes upon you oh and sing a Madrigal for thee

My heart bent in the shape of ethereal octagon

calls for the heart in you that’s my dish for today

and tomorrow I am gone to hunt the bucks I woo

and there I  bring for the feast of thy eyes, a sonorous meat

which like you have hunted mine reminds of love’s catastrophe

that a hunter like me would come and steal you for the world

I deem free is full of swans that alight only upon the ponds like these.

Sherry to drink

What is love for love though?
A remembrance of past kiss
on the ashen cheek that glows
and in the pocket lures the rupee

To buy some sherry a galore
and lie there under the shrubbery
in nature’s lap some time more
a passion thy forehead to kiss

as if from the bow has gone an arrow amiss
and hit the heart like a barb
that returns with every drop of sherry I drink
and then to straggle behind the wind

in the street a dusky afternoon
to wind up with you oh my fair-skinned

The wealth of heart

High on the mountain tops, rings rule

rings of clouds strewn around with facsimile brown

my face among the leaves a lonely hound

in the garden let there live peace and joy

her part be played by a dame of the Sophocles

and be done to the power of a dove in golden trove

On a maiden flight to the Siberian sauna

the clouds asunder in a cue to thunder

the rain, falling in unstoppable rustic vein

Popped the wine to speak thousands of truth

and walk upon the meadows as blind as dark alleys

prowling like a Frankenstein.

In the dark

In the dark the solid colour is blackness ripped off its roots

and a filigree of the enchanted love done upon the sight

as if whatever I see is of black gold hidden behind the veils of

the eyes, there is a gothic thought that the darkness devours

everything even love and she was sacred of the light and the darkness too

then how would we measure the love upon the fright loaded for seven seas

which upon arriving upon the docks fell under the shroud of darkness

and the enchanted song of love and hate rocking the ship gently.



The world of Eden

The dead winter kept up warm on the night she danced as if nature were more than a keep

the flowers grew more dainty with the looks of heavens in her eyes as she would gloat the kingdom of God

she was the eve.

On a starry night, she had gathered a brood of sheep who were tardy and they too danced

She became sad when the Adam threw a boulder into the lakes creating ripples but missing the serpent who had wiped off  tears in the rain

They had been only hours away from being expelled from the paradise

And here the life seemed to be in gallows for ages as the earth oozed fire-bellied dinosaurs free of confinement and gloated Adam and Eve for the eternity to follow.