A look a drift

A look upon the mountain was a drift,
on the shoestring budget I brought a Piano,
the look meant I had pined hopes on being a thrift,
and with the old school grammar lessons' help, I played the hosanna.

the prayer would run as if it were a God's might,
a moon bright charm to hyena's delight,
I danced my fingers on the keyboard and called the pun,
There was a morphing light gilded from the sun.

I hesitated and ruminated the passing of years on time's sledge,
there was a lonesome figure luriking at the bushes' edge,
and I sang with exultion to see Catherine emerge,
from the bushes and into my look she surged.


The pursuer of fame

the pursuer of fame lie nigh to the heart of a dame,
shakes his legs to run a mile for her hand the same,
for she wants with a folded hands a prayer taken,
the pandemonium had built on her charm shaken,
adoring playmakers glitter in moonlight a penny in her name,
the old sport fought without mercy to win her in game,
the pursuer of fame vows to ace the trembling lips with love's token,
and broke the mile abiding what's heart spoken.

Between us

There is love in the air assuming airs between us,
expectant of the moment, I look straight where you are,
you appeared from nowhere but from the sun into the room,
waver to see the frozen light as if in tandem it travelled zillion miles,
hopping now and then till the day had reappeared as if because of you,
I happen to notice the splendor of purple light you wore on head,
and half expectant, half shy I am keen to believe the wonders of music,
as heard on the air assuming airs between us.

The Twosome

I crawl through the tunnel of love scarping my elbows with the sleet
only to rapture at the other end and cry out the heart to thrushling beat
I stop and meet the dark soul to tend which captivated my heart in trove
there was the reckless thought of doves skinning at the bark of the trees in grove
I hasten the love process only to smother my desire to be with the super-ego 
She smiles at the idea of twosome for the aeons to come and go

The colours

I taste the colours of love from your breath

and then from the beer goblet of immense depth

As dim the light of the impinged moon on the bough shines

I sit with thee plain thoughts of rosy cheeks in laughter caught

on the other side of Paradise where darkness is dispelled by magic brought

with the glimpse of love of God’s number

I rise above the mantle of feeble summer to bring to light a fine chandelier

In the indeterminate steps of lighting the cinematic screen of childhood

And you do recompense my thoughts of colour about the sensation and imagination