A simmering volcano

What I write about love is the matter of the heart, having suffered in silence like a dormant volcano now simmering over as if challenging to burst out any moment. I didn’t burst out but rather became calmer as the days passed, eventually cooling down to what I am nowadays- feeble pulse looking for icer times ahead.

The turn of the millennia brought me good news and made me feel better as I do now listening to Dutch orchestra. The life boils down to competitiveness as we prepare ourselves forever job-hopping in search of fame and wealth.

I forsake love more than sleep, though I sleep with face buried into forgetfulness.

What I have received thus far in life, I have readily accepted not as my fate or Karma but the eventuality of eternal recurrence which means this is about to repeat eventually. The past doesn’t exist, yet it recurs eternaly. This seems a paradox but it is true. The past is but a memory, which repeats itself after a while.


The Other Side of Eden

What the earth shall bear?

A fruit!

Whither is the garden of Eden?

Under the sky’s foot?

Where the ships recceed like lost sheep,

On the seas south off the equator,

I look up in the sky locating a huntress,

there are deers in the parks of the countries,

running amuck amid half bolstered democracies,

Hitler is dead so is the Human hunting,

to know the difference between  a slate and a chalk,

you don’t need a birth in the heaven,

neither at the other side of Eden


What Einstein meant by God does not play dice

Einstein once famously remarked “God does not play dice with the universe”. But what he meant by that is the strongest criticism of physical science with Quantum mechanics as the discipline of Physics under question. What he really meant could be summarized in a hypothesis that does guarantee according Einstein how to approach the subject matter of Physics. His chief points concerning the above saying could be summarized as follows.

  1. Game of dice is a game of chance as opposed to the  experimental method of physical science verifying the scientific speculation of the theory.
  2. As such a finite mind is limited to know the reality of the universe in the body of the omnicomplete work of science and if the mind in question employs a method as likely as a game of dice, the mind nodubtedly be unable to verify the theory according to experimental verification.
  3. The game of dice thus misapplies the omnipotent knowledge to the object of understanding.
  4. The object of understanding of science is like a God, complete and omniscient.
  5. From the above reasoning Einstein concluded the Quantum physics like the game of dice uses probability to measure the object of understanding , which is God in nature thus concluding Quantum Physics is incapable of any worthwhile study of physical science.

But that is not the case so, though probability is used to estimate the position and momentum of particle, the state of particle is clearly described as a position and momentum number though it means that both position and momentum cannot be determined simultaneously. Either there is a particle or momentum but if there is momentum though relativity assumes we are sure there is particle, in Quantum Physics we cannot be sure if there is particle in spite of knowing its momentum. That is the uncertainty Einstein implied.

Self-love in art

There is self-love that makes us want things for ourselves and this self-love might make us escape aesthetic judgements as to whether a certain person is beautiful or not. If he /she is really beautiful we might escape passing a judgement for we love ourselves. Self-love is an impediment to loving others.

In art, we attempt to define what is beautiful and we want to communicate that feeling of beauty to others. But what we might communicate is trivial and hence many beautiful works of art could belie the art itself as they fail to communicate what is inherently contained in nature, the love for others. It is self-love that we encounter which makes us fail to communicate anything significant. Why we would deny ourselves in the first place for we love ourselves more than is necessary. The works of art which fall under mediocre fail to communicate for the artist loves himself/herself more than the work of art could permit.

We cannot reason the work of art for we cannot compel the onlooker to like the work of art on other than merits that a work of art must constitute like fine execution, bold symmetry, empathetic choice of colours etc. By employing self-love as a tool in the art as propagated by cinema, is more like a phallus worship for it engenders love for the self rather than others so cinema is destroyed by a constructivist mind that wants to build a montage rather than a film.

Is what is necessary possible in History for Hegel?

Necessity is the requirement of any civilisation to mould itself and thrive more or less like a child from childhood into youth. We must concern with the idea of is what is necessary possible? Like now we need more freedom from ideas of 20th century that had jeopardised the freedom of man as could be seen in the rise of Nazi Germany. We must concern with possibility that implies is it possible to disassociate from Nietzsche’s idea of overman if Hitler had claimed himself to be one? So what really matters is the possibility of happening what is necessary. Next is actuality .

Is what is necessary possible? and if it is possible does it represent actuality of happening what could be termed as ‘real’ in reality. Here we more or less move towards the ideas propounded by science than arts. From there we proceed to the idea of absolute as in what is actually happening. The absolute must contain what is actual. While Hegel took the course of the universal as happening in the absolute as changing the History of the world, it might be assumed as unnecessary to look for the absolute among the History itself. So the necessary is not all together possible in History for Hegel.

How much smart the love nerds are?

Nerds who sing the merry song call for lovers to unite in a total recall of future when the past is calling to dress up for the date.  They hesitate to kiss in the opening of love shots, the film panorama is blowing James Joyce’s Ulysses to rave reviews by those who take love seriously, never pondering over the matters of heart when all is needed is the heat to blow minds off. She undresses in front of the television, showing clips of recent bollywood flick that mind never indulges in. Sill the neediness of sex  is clamouring for more control in the sunshine when rain is only a desired wish for the forsaken heart. The hero among the nerds seize the  computer clans with elan as if he were cut out for a risqué life on the streets. Never mind the Nirvana though. There is enough bandwagon roulette pride left in her to bet on Jake’s side with a sigh for Goddess love which nevertheless instilled every common heart to wild raptures.

Love nerds as the time go by sit with a broad grin to fathom the seriousness of computer screens only to blow kisses in the night.

Bag of gold

Who kept the bag in circle?

No one mister but the fate of man

Then why man could not have it

It is in the destiny’s child to have gold

I want to tear off my bondage to gold

But not to you who placed the gold there

In the middle of the circle

I must have it exclaimed the shepherd

My sheep are free to graze the field

And  with this gold I buy a field

Where I would be free with sheep

To graze the garden at will

But there is no will but nothing

To choose gold in the first place was blunder

It was blunder worth making

Gold shines brightest and I must not see

Anything but the mercy of Gods on the spirit

Let the gold be with God and we give up

everything to His will and nature shall oblige

But nothing nature would give but comprehension

of God’s equation and nothing at all more I need.