Occurrence as condition for time travel

Occurrence of event is time and no occurrence is copy of past or future depending upon if the event is yet to occur otherwise it must be past. If it never occurred it must be the future so we could travel between the time occurrences. Einstein proposed time as occurring relative to motion and also time continues to occur when there is no motion. Sitting you are moving into future and receding away from the event in opposite direction could take you into the past. So as we move further away from the western coast of the US we move into the past while travelling towards London we move into the future. Since the distances are covered in finite period of time we remain in ‘now’ as time is extending into infinite future. Thus for me the future is fiction which out of finite possibilities happen in a particular occurrence that is already stored in the future slice of time.

Like the possible combinations I can have with three cards out of a deck of cards, time has infinite combinations out of which I draw say only three occurrences as to what is happening to me ‘now’. As I read those three occurrences like when I brought wine, I lost my wallet and with it my driving license. The purchasing of wine is an occurrence corresponding to which I lost my wallet which is another occurrence. These occurrences run through in future is time travel prior to their call for happening.


Knowledge as an end without means

We resist the approach to knowledge for we have a bias against it, how could the person leading the view have authority to guide us let alone the entire human race? This is quite invisible in the case of Karl Marx in whose authority we surrender without much ado as far as the source of knowledge is concerned. The world view of Marx is taken as indisputable source for the knowledge to follow however critical it might be.

Then we have technological knowledge whose source is as mysterious as the technical skill of the practitioner is, If technological practitioner is taken to be synonymous of Karl Marx then his lengthy discourse on the seemingly developing technology might sound a personal drive to bring about meaning in the world however logical it might prove. The source in either case of technology practitioner or Karl Marx impels us to accept knowledge with self doubt which is the part of human nature and to eradicate the self doubt we accept the source of knowledge. Either case propounds dictatorship of reason. The reason would not oblige the ego but goes on to enumerate itself in bid to establish whatever ideology or product it has on its hand. It is this dictatorship of reason the intellect must show up arms against to revel in poetry and arts more as it was in the past then to always sinking the teeth into scientific developments.

The knowledge is beyond scientific or technical agenda the man pursues to make life livable and we must accept knowledge without much dilly-dallying as about its relevance to our times. Next could be the religion that could be the source of knowledge as it appears was treated in the past with much favour but in the modern times have been relegated to fanaticism and the one without reasonable basis. But it fights the dictatorship of reason and must go on to fight it.

Indeterministic universe in indeterministic world

What a vagary to note that fate is the outcome of all the action that a man is supposed to put on with the reality.Nothing exists as he thinks but a waywardness of life settles in when a man utilises action to make his end meet.There is nothing supervisory about the mechanical way of the world where emotion is not considered as the cause of anything substantial but somehow we realise that there must be some temporal power that sustains all the world.The world at large is indeterministic and without fail everything works for which substantial amount of existence exists with a brute force.If we cannot reason with existence our next step is to make possible all the phenomenon rendered to some cause and effect.The way of the world is indeterministic universe largely abandoned to whims of man and his world is littered with largely inhuman ghosts making the reality out there cruel and no God could rescue us from such happening.What is left to chance is oneself such that the self preserves what is in the guise of science a mere certainty.Nothing could be ascertained but the feeble choice of nothingness that determines if not the end then our means.So whatever happens is not by chance and whatever reason could attribute is not mere joy.Hence we could be living in a world without ends and the world without means so that restoring the reality we assume abandoned causes to fix everything.We are alone and in need of something that makes life less cruel and what we do is abandon reason for it seeks matter indistinctly.I reject the material cause of universe.

Marxian Dialect

We piece together the sympathy of the working class into more robust form of endearment that is the dialectics of Marx.The working people find marx still relevant but the technology has bitten some where that working class has become more of elitist.Now a communist is a harbinger of more of a surprise as in the crypto currency of this century having been evolved thus far. The technological development puts a man as an individual as opposed to a syndrome of the post world war 2 world when everything was organised into realms of a commune particularly in Soviet Russia. The man since then has become more of a individual as struggling with life on the one side while awaiting moderation in the other.

clubs left 2 lift the game in champions league

i walked into the elevator of CDC,an acronym for career development,the lift was jerky .reminded me of the soccer games pending in this season’s champions league. Bayern Munich is pitched high in the draws against the spanish clubs.The clubs in the draw have to lift their game and possibly a place among the chosen few in  finals .

artificial language for theoretical basis of existence

human existence is related by the language processing of the intellect  to  its surroundings.but existence is unpremediated that things too have existence without any fculty to expose the existential element.an artificial language must define the existence as of things and humans so that existence could not only be a condition to exist but the circumstance to happen as the soccer game happens with a ball.

the league based pre collective farming soccer club FC Spartak sparks collective play

collective Methodist of erstwhile soviet state era owned FC Spartak bases its game on collective behaviour of game-play unlike other European clubs who dominate on the individual play of star strikers like Ronaldo or Del Piero.the game plan is simple to pass the ball together forward if possible into the goal.this Moscow club challenges the Russian league.