Le Monde
My dreams dying in the palm of your hands
a new tree is sprouting from dead garlands

There is a hollowed sun hanging at noontide
directly above us is the cloud shielding sun God's ride

I see on the yoke of a cart drawn by alien progenitors
your name oh Lord as inscribed on her nose sensors

your dead flake skin emerging from within
and silent as courageous as noon therein

I must steal rest from the alien work bonds
a two and two sims of phone ringing le monde

Le Monde as fragile as look of Martian footprint
we will walk the Mars someday upon noon-flint

Are we re-engineered?

We are tampered with, our genes have been reprogrammed to make us live as humanoids. Are we mastered by fictional alien races? The races that don’t exist but inhabit our minds.We are one big dream which is the sea in which everything from unfulfilled desires to impossible will meet frustrating end.

A human body is capable of living at least 150 years but we have been captured by alien spirit only to last 70 to 80 years. We are tantalized by alcohol or smoking to die young. Are these alien baits so that we live unfruitful lives?

All our knowledge is clouded by sever doubts of our existence. Like if the universe is a simulation beyond a certain point, we are unable to fathom the extent of our reach. We have hardly found the reasons as to why we are here. The story painted by Darwin is slow and tiring when we have attained unprecedented success in technology in recent times. Are we being helped along by aliens? What we experience, we experience the will of another indomitable though fictional race.

How could fictional alien concept begin to dawn on our psyche? It is because of our mind. Our mind could be re-engineered. As we are making progress in leaps and bounds, so have our fears of meeting alien super masters have increased. The only comfort we draw for our science to have any worthwhile meaning is cosmology. The Big bang theory denies a chance for alien civilization to emerge anywhere in the universe as it says the universe is uniform in all directions and there is not enough time for alien super life to exist.

It might be there are alien genes among us that they had intermixed themselves with humans long time ago. The aliens might not exist but there thought of possessing us in our dreams is quite plausible.

If we are a simulation then aliens know exactly how to manipulate our ape like existence.

Stop aging in space travel


Andromeda we see is 2.5 million years ago so practically it is out of reach of our biological time span to last a ride to the nearest galaxy. Time bends and slows down in space but that might not be sufficient for a journey to Andromeda. What we need is a way to increase our biological life span in space.

The increased gravitational field increases the time, this is time dilation and hence we  could last longer on the planets with higher gravitational force. But in vacuum when we are travelling in s a spaceship we require to minimize the age. The answer could be travelling at speeds higher than light in other dimension, say fifth dimension which makes the time to run slower and we could last longer in space.

Ageing serves no purpose in the life of a human being so it could be considered as a disease that affects the body in deteriorating organs. So to cure this disease we need a different mindset like in the bible the age of Adam is given as 930 years and if it is deemed to be possible that humans live longer then the only way to go about defeating aging is the biological treatment of the individual thus affecting his DNA. The aging is caused at cellular and molecular levels which should be treated accordingly.

Alternatively we could harness gravitational waves which appear to make us older, the less the gravity, the more there is movement of muscles hence older we get. By altering the gravitational waves of the orbiting planet or star we could infuse more life hence continue with intergalactic travel.

The Alien streak

The aliens we think are dots on the heavenly bodies far away,

transmuting to their coveted homes if they ever live like humans,

But still their techniques could be pyrotechnic engulfing the winds,

if they blow like solar storms on their planets, like a smoke from chimney,

they cook their wondrous food like a slew of plasma rays if they could,

chew the way we do, nonetheless fire in the skies might indicate,

their cities build for boom in their eternal lives ruled by compact discs,

that are pre-programmed when they are born to rule their destines,

Then sending signals from the earth could detect them in their acts,

and what is for the man a Paradise Lost could be for them regained.

A poet on science of Aliens

I Love the lobes of aliens drooping,

And the world finding aliens’ mysteries stunning,

I am hooked to the primordial life on planet,

Calling for the more imaginative shots of absinthe in the making,

Of revealing the truths about alien destinies,

We a race of the apes finding space beckoning,

Have arrived on the moon with mars pending,

Soon we travel fast in a space ship zooming about the cosmos,

It is attractive to the thinking ape that I am,

To attract another race far among the stars hiding beneath,

Light of pale fading color as seen from distance,

May be there lurks another civilization booming,

Who knows the time but time itself,

May be the aliens out there wear a different watch,

Made of different time hence they are lost in space for us,

That we have not been able to contact them ever since,

We walked the planet earth in awe of the skies,

And having invented fire we have come distance,

To launch ourselves into the space and there go apes,

In the columns of spacetime to discover another use of wheel,

That there is a wheel but hidden into spaceship that has propelled us,

Into the heavens and beyond

And one day on meeting an alien

We might shed a tear or so for they might be a cheerful race

Obsessed with Gods and their chariots on fire.

For now I would only restrain myself to my loneliness

And heavens above which bode us to follow the tracks

And discover aliens looking for us

Like our true twin brothers.


The permanent seat is in the kitchen,

You ,half empty your head and upon half empty stomach,

I charge with a careless whisperer,

I let awake my baby who is dearly want a clap,

There is the shadow locked in the cupboard,

I have got patience to stay the night in,

I must give you a helping hand and din,

I am a soul traveller mending the tongue,

about women, about all naked of them,

I am waking your dream as you listen often,

I am with a quirky head putting my eggs in the basket,

and we meet on sullen day of December,

Who was winning? The devil in the head,

Then I recall the famed song and the ReUNION



Bylanes of a dynast

The rich king mead showed sympathy for the poor,
is it a deliberate talk to those soggy eyes or,
lumpen matter of scrawny faces,there is love that matters,
come home to unique market of diamonds and pulsars if
they could be found by the wayside of den and the ken,
of knowledge describes how the mate would sing in order,
to coo the love of an effete female otherwise bedecked,
for a gala event which others forsake for the pride like,
google bestows upon the world an artifact that the people,
searching for love elect themselves for that prize which,
is more than the value of Nobel prize.He listens to otherwise,
grimy story of tragedy that befell a dynast who having won,
million fans with his skill of playing piano,finally decided,
to quit love for love’s sake.He now sleeps in a dingy room to,
show love for brotherhood and for the brothers he would go out,
in the mall to fetch bouquets of love upon love that a girl,
joked about so many bouquets as collection of stamps whose friend,
is a postmaster. Then you stop collecting them either way you,
are being dubbed as a lunatic whose sole purpose is to sing,
hymns for the poor rather than the comrades who want equality.
Again the lover would come for merry making that there is a friend
lost in the bylanes of love.