The world of Eden

The dead winter kept up warm on the night she danced as if nature were more than a keep

the flowers grew more dainty with the looks of heavens in her eyes as she would gloat the kingdom of God

she was the eve.

On a starry night, she had gathered a brood of sheep who were tardy and they too danced

She became sad when the Adam threw a boulder into the lakes creating ripples but missing the serpent who had wiped off  tears in the rain

They had been only hours away from being expelled from the paradise

And here the life seemed to be in gallows for ages as the earth oozed fire-bellied dinosaurs free of confinement and gloated Adam and Eve for the eternity to follow.



A smile

The song is the rocker

nudge me and in fire

goes the raking embers

Like the shadow of yours

mock up a show and

with a smile that dies

before the grin is over


The surprise

I sit silently at the window, watching the history of tulips grow sublime and fall onto the ground like dead papers being eaten word by word by the lice with time

Surprised to see so much vehemence in the spirit of Madonna to put the garden and the bible at the bay, leaving the dead corpse of the day glittering with petty love girls

I am surprised when you turn up from nowhere to the mirror on the main door, empty-handed.

An anagram of your name

To beget love for more love is a lovely proposition

that you stay a while longer is a request bidden

by time and its accomplice the space of cosmos

that you occupy the place anywhere but in my heart is improbable

Stay a while before the streams of the Ganges empty themselves

into a confluence of sorts, I draw a draught of love from them

to propose  love is not at receiving end but in the beating heart

I silence the thoughts of you by beseeching the art of calligraphy

that you will be gone before the sunrise is a maddening thought

written in my dictionary as an anagram of your name.


The essence of man

I would recompense every penny for thy offence

of belittling God to mere image of the unknown

what is known is the futile product of carnal act

To satisfy the desire to be able to comprehend the

works of God hidden in the expression of nature

Which has forsaken all that was not needed and

adopted what the man deemed to be his essence

The essence of man is thus educated stem from

the tree of knowledge that bears fruits in abundance