Where the roads begin

Where the eternal hero falls,

and walks back to the establishment.

Where wonder fails,

and fails back to the resuscitation.

Where the eternal womb preys,

and preys back to her mother.

That’s where the roads begin!


Diety of a bar

Add the shrill to the tone of quietness

And I am avowed to be silent for

she talks too much when confronted

with a desire to drink from the cup of


And in a bar where long nails persist to catch the dreams

she cut the nails to be with the diety of her own choice

And then bow to him for he is the bartender and our key to joy!

Solution to Zeno’s paradox

I move, move and move with will

and time lasts and lasts nothing till

My own view of time is an illusion

My state of being at one place is an intuition

It is with intuition I move, time lasts till my will

Will and intuition are product of my brain

Then how does cosmos move without a brain?

The motion of cosmos must be an illusion

like the motion of time is.

Conclusion to Zeno’s paradox,

I move without reasoning!