Much anger is spewed over God than is on devil
Are we devils in the redder skin of apes?
are we more sentient to the Godforsaken communist anvil?
are we silently collaborating with the spine of jocular fakes

we are surely moving from the north to south
as we are walking from east to west
where then is God's den in Amazon's mouth?
or Van Gogh's skin in starry night's eternal rest

much hullabaloo over women's ken
and gold mining west poking in Japanese yen


The Day out

After much deliberation whether to set out in rain
I threw the caution to the wind and stepped out in mental pain
I collaborated with the hoodlums to dance though in vain
I returned home empty -handed but with a smarty gain

The Day out was done
hitherto alone
the birds sang dog fed on bone
a bigger share of love all gone

to rhyme or to mime
I am resolute with the winds that chime
I put hoard of dime
and wish it was the rest time

to draw square a hole
wondering the day was tied to north pole

The yellow flame

roasted egg bleached flame 
triple fired in the church of God
it reminds me of a lost dame
with purple head and a slender bod

The flame of undying burns
there are sinuous turns
to the meandering voices
locked in the chest of heavenly choices

I turn away only to return
turn by turn the cross is held
over the urn
and a maiden' s name is spelled

with the yellow flame in an indigo sky
reminds me of her eyes asking why?

To the eternal beauty

Beautiful face pimped to Narcissus's charm 
and faltering the human race, avowed grace
silence speaks up for the Brutus swarmed
in conspiracy to the beleaguered universe

oh! Venus come to the hasty rescue
and free the pinioned dove
lest he miss the flight
to the kingdoms where beauty is praised thrice

let's not upstage the Gods from the seat of Power!
beauty lies hidden in the nativity of Christ
let's not harm those who cry under the Deity's bower
there is power doing the rounds of poltergeist

To the beauty I must proffer the flowers scented
with the smell of the perfumed water
and scattered over those who hold the power
over the men and beauty does its job stinted

there is none who can raise the hue and cry
let Van Gogh paint the starry night sky
there are those who when spruced
go about laying arms to the beauty of flute

A dream of  a childhood haunt
with friends made later to last

As we walk, we discuss while on a road
a Solemn wish to go abroad
Visited Canada and came to naught
Carried the whiskey as was brought
Took to the childhood haunt
tasted the whiskey to a somersault

As the dream ended, I was up
and sipping tea by the cup
A whiskey is a wish for high profile job
which I come to do daily as a snob

A maudlin girl

If she could be seen on toes' poise
there surely be a gentleman with a faltering voice
Such was her overbearing that sent jitters
through the hearty veins of suitors

But I saw her crying for nothing
much ado about farthing
there slept a dove under the chimney
that brought her a message from Sidney

There never was a frolic roll on the skiing
the message claimed that many a skier have seen
her walking the steppes of the hills
and they have tripped down the snowy frills

And have gone hurting to a hospital
that made her a maudlin girl little by little

A ditty for the priest

With the song of consolation for the drowning of sorrows,
there was at length the adulation with the drinks to borrow,
Nonetheless a feast was organized with the advent of christian sesame,
the priest sowed the seeds of the trinity luck to grow fulsome

I reclined and asked the priest why there are boundaries in the world,
why couldn't we travel with the Christian spirit endowed and herald?
why the governments mistrust the judgement day as apocalypse,
and the brain of the world busy erecting lunar nervous synapses

there was a goat tethered to the cross,
and the lamb fondled as albatross,
the feast was putative to be consummate,
with the perfect gory scenes of thirsty wait

I waited to taste the purple wine
like those who stand and serve
forget the worries and let them evaporate
there was instead the feast to reciprocate