August of 2018 to be

The wind howled all day long, unusual for August When the child from the neighbourhood was blowing whistles to calm the horsemen falling from the horses one by one the day had come for reckoning of the king of the woods Who shall be? The child had two friends who desired to rule the woodsContinue reading “August of 2018 to be”

From nowhere to infirmary

When the days were done clad in winter clothes There was infirm, the soul That the body would wind up besides the church wall The paint on the walls would splutter with dregs going haywire Now on the floor where I ended up as an old jalopy Beaten by the system that would crypt scienceContinue reading “From nowhere to infirmary”

A hike near Manali

What the day that pitches darkness in farther gloom I rest on the floor of the singlet tent, three of us huddled over a mountain range where wine is in plenty and grass the more greener green, we get a selfie on the foot bridge And about the chicken we have to wait in theContinue reading “A hike near Manali”

The moonlight

Tease, tease tease the moonlight upon the heavens is bestowed the music of the light slanting another night out of the closet of nature’s clock and the sun is ticking fast in the west you chase the moonlight in the streets wearing black clothes as growing is the din of the day in your mightyContinue reading “The moonlight”

A broken vase

She sits on the red carpet amid the salon, surrounded by lamps of varied shades and hues, All lighting the room and among the records you pick the blue vase You drop dead the vase, lost in the music of the vase the sound of  a breaking vase is a rhetoric on the eardrum onlyContinue reading “A broken vase”

Marx understood again

Man is a commodity numbed by deadened labour so Marx did think the virtues of Capital are evil To replace an evil he created a bigger evil -society formed by one community all alleging to the single party that ruled the soviet Russia till the vapors in the air thinned and labour became diffused soContinue reading “Marx understood again”

The revolutionary dilemma

What to rekindle a revolutionary theme to spark the light of fire? The poulace is under the burden of heavy debt for they want nothing The knowledge from valid scheme of life is welcome to revolutionize the jungle where the kings played Billiards only to discourse on love And party with dancing in the openContinue reading “The revolutionary dilemma”