The lines on Jewellery

1 As frail as a flower As royal as Queen’s behest The necklace that’s treasure chest 2 As bright as the day Crowning for glory Kalgi she put on his turban for their love story 3 Earrings for the ear I dress up for love’s sake And with gold’s glitter I am awake 4 WaitingContinue reading “The lines on Jewellery”

The cosmic spirit, knowledge and time-space

What is the abandonment of life? Killing the will to choose between the material gains. We have common consciousness, having common evolution. Did evolution leave space for something other than matter? Is there a conception of the soul that eternally recur, though historically? Something that lasts between the birth, an immanent part of spirit circlesContinue reading “The cosmic spirit, knowledge and time-space”

Discovering the future in spacetime

To make a choice is important otherwise you could be staring face to face in the eyes of death. For example, if you stop making choice, you could starve. But making a choice is the exercise of will which subdues the reason and weakens you. So we enter a dilemma about the will. What toContinue reading “Discovering the future in spacetime”

The earliest written history of Gods

Cuneiform script emerged in Mesopotamia in 3200 BC. Prior to that was clay tablet counting system that was prevalent around 8000 BC in Sumeria. A priest of the Babylonian god Marduk, Berossus with access to clay tablet library wrote the first history of man that began 432,000 years before the deluge that was an eventContinue reading “The earliest written history of Gods”

Why Brahma faded out of prominence?

The Gods have been supposed to rule prior to the descent of man. When a man showed up on the earth it is believed the Gods have already left the firmament. But this doesn’t explain why Brahma, the God of creation in Hindu mythology faded away into obscurity? The laws of Manu grace the statureContinue reading “Why Brahma faded out of prominence?”

Consciousness at the root of Philosophy

Consciousness, the primordial sea containing matter and energy from which I instantiate the whole of reality must be the topic of concern for all Philosophy. All Philosophy is rooted in the idea of consciousness. If I ascribe the sea of consciousness emanating from matter, then I am a materialist otherwise I am an idealist. AsContinue reading “Consciousness at the root of Philosophy”