Desolate table

It is freezing for big freeze is the loose fate of all the cosmos Its weeping like a maudlin cat having lost the summer for nothing I am writing on a desolate table with the TV sports on Its Copernican dream tearing itself apart for Mathematics is too strong The love of a woman is the forlornContinue reading “Desolate table”

Waiting on the oceans’end

I wait for you here on the ocean’s seam where the land ends waiitng for you to join so that in the oceans we could descend Still its been the morning when eye lashes of primal love show it myriad faces Picking from the sand the mask of love that you would possess when coming toContinue reading “Waiting on the oceans’end”

No Consolation for love

The riddle of the universe deepens with a pen daub in ink thickens The world itself out chickens There is no idea that says love is strong nor the life is dependent upon a song It barely chuckles that lovers are strangers having a loose belly that sickens with dangers of living alone on thisContinue reading “No Consolation for love”

How notion is different from essence?

Existence is self-determinate in the sense that it has more to do with living than non-living or abstract concepts that form the core of any Philosophical system. After the existence and before anything abstract comes the idea. But the idea is inadequate on itself to explain the abstract concepts like holy, beauty and the eternal.Continue reading “How notion is different from essence?”

The Drunken men’s society

They raised the slogan and the toast too to liberate the soul of the one in captivity of work and meaningless growth of the both the oppressed and the oppressors, Let’s git rid of the basic seed of humanity to earn the bread and cheer the slow suicide of the soul to mate the deathContinue reading “The Drunken men’s society”