Vodka Pyre

`What would you call the lovers? lovers after all,

No loose names but she was called Natasha of the village,

Getting drunk on the vodka pyre was a roofless world,

the lovers would dump cigarettes into their mouths as,

tar would burn the pyre of love echoes for ill gotten hearts,

They would wait in the open and a studio for the walker,

who would chase the love of his life on the vodka pyre,

Drinking  and loosing a part of self to fire in reflections,

indeed is a bold move till his love broiled like sunlight on the hot tin-roof,

There is a dead monkey for the ghouls of winter,

Drinking Vodka with a potato tart while snow languished,

in the headquarters of Nazis running through Petersburg,

He would’t spare the Nazi girl on Vodka Pyre, an oath to,

be with her through yes walking, walking, walking,

till she gave up fumes of fair cheeks reddening,

like turnips under the dead winter  lit her thought,

once gain on the Vodka pyre, drunk  on the sly he stalked her.



The Powerbroker

In  boding love lives a lifespan of Powerbroker,

Who aligns with life at its foot hold,

And deign nothing more than the luck that portends,

itself as becoming a laughing stock in the association,

Of Italian saints now celebrating their existence,

in a bar readily cherishing  the material of love song,

that  he sang in mortuary the day her beloved died,

and to reconcile the fate to film on the screen,

where Hero lies and lies about truth of gravity,

That nothing binds him to the girl in spotted frock,

who frolicked like an angel in the arms of a devil,

half representing the work of  a Philosopher,

Daring to control the engine of poetic machinery,

stop-gaping now and then varied thorns among roses,

that he picked the rose and had decorated her hair.

Origins of Philosophy and religion- Life in cosmic sea

What to look for? Where to look for? is the challenge for the knowledge seeker and same is the challenge for the one who is seeking alien life in the cosmic sea.

Life is like amino acids colliding for million years till the perfect combination happened though by an  accident or by  a careful sought pattern that recurred again and again till the right precision of life making amino acids was available.

So we get to the Philosophy defining either life is accidental or deliberate consideration of a creator or a mathematical outcome of existence out of many permutations and combinations.

Hence we have two ways to look at life, a pessimistic way that guarantees nothing more than a chance or an optimistic way that guarantees at least a working reason even if it is of a creator or of Mathematics. In the former case, life happened spontaneously while in the later case it was deliberations of the million years. In either case life is dear as when we win a lottery or a kudos for an achievement.

There is yet another way of looking at Philosophy as life having originated elsewhere in the universe and spread by an asteroid from planet to planet. This is the Philosophy that stays neutral as to the existence as could be seen in the religious preachings of various religions that deny accidental and deliberated reason to engender God as supreme being unlike humans and having origins elsewhere beyond the universe. The religion could never accept pessimist argument or optimistic argument though it engenders a creator as it believed life as existing on the earth is only temporary since the soul has place somewhere else in the universe or beyond the universe like the idea of limbo where souls are kept temporary. Hence religion equates the situation as life having originated through divine intervention from somewhere else.

So the next stage in the evolution of Philosophy is survival of the fittest. Thus Charles Darwin happens to hold his stance as opposing all the philosophical traditions and religions.

String theory is about God

Abstraction could be sensible as existing from the senses like she showed kindness towards the beggar. Or abstraction could be insensible like a circle drawn within the square.

String theory presupposes sensible and modifies the object of sensibility when some of the abstractions are sensible while the others like string theory itself presupposes the sensible.

String theory differs from the idea of God  as God presupposes sensible but never modifies the object of sensibility which in fact never exists in this case. So for String Theory to define the premises of God, it must take into consideration the pure being which is pre supposed as prior to experience and never exists but as an abstraction that is insensible or a priori.

The being here is not the being of human beings but the one that could be the same for all other beings. So string theory defines the sensible as for all beings and in doing as such elaborates on the condition which limits the pure being to just that what it ought to be, insensible. Thus String Theory defines in way a God the object of which never exists.

Is universe boring?

Given the laws of nature everything is predetermined even our fate. So is the universe boring? Yes it is. Apart from the freedom we think we have we might not be free at all. We might be compelled by nature itself to behave like we do. We are bound by our brain to known substances that react in a particular way and as such we all have  a predisposition , the way we are. Given our inclination we are more or less captive of our own nature. However I might try I cannot bear comedy movies. So my fate is predetermined with what I choose which Schopenhauer called ‘will’ and what I call nature.

Nature is quite different from volition or will in the sense it seeks reason more passionately than mere choice. I choose what I get but that was already wired into me. Hence I know my choice before hand. Now most of us play games with nature as trying to get what we desire and spend life in utter misery since its quite boring to seek what we already desire and to make it interesting we introduce the stimuli of ‘money’, another caveat for our dismal show as far as our intellect is concerned.

However interesting we might make our life by playing games with ourselves, there is a purpose for which we might not be cut out for, LOVE,  like loving everyone around us, which seems preposterous but that kills the boredom of playing games with oneself in getting status, position, even knowledge or power. In fact however powerful Hitler might have been, he was captive of his own device, pre-programmed to take humanity to doom.

Two things stand out in first place the universe is an illogical place to be and we make it possible through struggle with logic. Secondly as we struggle with logic, simplicity soon becomes unmanageable and it turns into complexity.

Why Big-Bang needs a creator?

Prior to Big Bang

Laws of nature were set at Big Bang, ‘nothing’ mattered only prior to these laws. The laws define space and time-the forms for existence, hence the concrete universal. What is abstract is still ‘half-nothing’ as it does have content but no form. ‘Nothing’ that existed prior to Big Bang had no content and no form ,which could not be put into a proposition as it would have form then. So no proposition existed with the abstract ‘half-nothing’. So half-nothing has no place in logical space. Thus abstract has no place in the universal and must be existing elsewhere in ‘nothing’. Hence abstract time and space must be existing in the ‘half-nothing’ that is prior to Big Bang.

At Big Bang

Big Bang is illogical to begin with as it assumes a singularity where time is undefined and when the time becomes defined we immediately face infinite time that is eternity looming large in front of us. The instance of abstract time is made and abstract space gives place to real space. So God Particle manifested.

After Big Bang

The whole becoming from the first state till now the world has been illogical.So the world is illogical to begin with but thought or man struggles against all odds to bring in logic into the world. It is logic that we yet to see illogical in the very essence of creation though the creation to begin with was illogical. Thus we make logic to replace what could have been illogical to start with.

If we exclude God from existence we are left with logic about the illogical which is not a desirable state-of-affairs for the civilisation. Hence the illogical could be replaced by the logic of God, as logic is necessary to replace illogic, God is necessary to replace nothingness which could be the state of the universe prior to Big-Bang. Logic of God says there is supreme being as opposing nothingness like logic replacing illogic. Light replacing darkness. Knowledge replacing ignorance. God replacing nothingness.

Conclusion Big Bang must have a creator. Stephen Hawking imagines something is ‘nothing’ when actually ‘nothing is something’ whose opposite is God. That calls for parallel universes and God is massive than ever.

Wittgenstien’s Tractatus as logical compendium to Ethics and Time

Wittgenstein’s work is all ethical to make substance appear more as ethical than metaphysical and that is the reason Tractatus is arcane to understand. Basically Wittgenstein proposes two statements as to contain the enough meaning of the reality, one statement as relative and trivial while the other as ethical or absolute. So the becoming of being for Wittgenstein is ethical. For example

Consider the following two statements

  1. trivial and relative to other days and closer to nonsense–> I am kind on Sundays
  2. ethical and absolute-> I go on Mass on Sundays

Time in either case plays a vital role in both the statements and abstracts itself without making any instance of clock time. Thus time abstracts itself and lends the world as moral.

In the first case, though kindness is directly applied it makes it closer to trivial or nonsensical.

In the second case, though kindness is not mentioned but it brings to life an essence of going to Church which is good and wholeheartedly means a kind or good act.

Conclusion -> Time is abstract and space is real thus leading the world as moral or ethical.