Stop aging in space travel


Andromeda we see is 2.5 million years ago so practically it is out of reach of our biological time span to last a ride to the nearest galaxy. Time bends and slows down in space but that might not be sufficient for a journey to Andromeda. What we need is a way to increase our biological life span in space.

The increased gravitational field increases the time, this is time dilation and hence we  could last longer on the planets with higher gravitational force. But in vacuum when we are travelling in s a spaceship we require to minimize the age. The answer could be travelling at speeds higher than light in other dimension, say fifth dimension which makes the time to run slower and we could last longer in space.

Ageing serves no purpose in the life of a human being so it could be considered as a disease that affects the body in deteriorating organs. So to cure this disease we need a different mindset like in the bible the age of Adam is given as 930 years and if it is deemed to be possible that humans live longer then the only way to go about defeating aging is the biological treatment of the individual thus affecting his DNA. The aging is caused at cellular and molecular levels which should be treated accordingly.

Alternatively we could harness gravitational waves which appear to make us older, the less the gravity, the more there is movement of muscles hence older we get. By altering the gravitational waves of the orbiting planet or star we could infuse more life hence continue with intergalactic travel.



When the earth was stardust waiting to form itself,

time must be there bending everything on its way,

but the earth struggled the steep slopes of time,

and formed till the man came around with consciousness,

to bend spacetime ever to live what once was stardust,

From where else the molecules of man came around,

but the stardust that once was everywhere the earth is now,

And then came she a billion years later in the scheme of things,

and stood at the corner waiting for love to arrive like light,

enlightening everything around her till she saw him coming.

and the moon shone its light far away a four billion years later

Appearance is not reality


Real is with sensation. The sensations that we feel are dubbed as real. The consciousness is with the feeling of reality. But that reality might be an illusion. We might be in a matrix of sorts with everything abstracted from a common interface of time. We live in time, it is the time that lets us make sense of the space we occupy. If everything is an abstraction then we might be imagining the things that exist prior to our sensory recognition as unreal like time itself.

There exists relations in the universe by which we make sense of the world around us.Now the relations of the universe form a bunch of knowledge which is eternal in nature. So a circle or triangle is eternal in nature. This eternity is derived from time itself so what we see around is an illusion of appearance.

Now if we take into consideration the self or being of the thing, it stands in relation to pure being as determinate of experience through abstraction of consciousness of the pure being itself. The pure being is never realized that is to say we could never possibly live all the alternative histories of the particle. As such we form an approximate existence of the pure being hence we abstract things from time about the pure being. We could therefore call all appearances as unreal.

The Soccer match

Zombies stare out in the evening gleam,

Sunset having found its life stream on the horizon,

Luckily romance is a little wilder in the cafe,

That is showing a flick called Casablanca,

The neutrino star billion of miles away burn its core,

While he watches soccer at a mute destination called a bar,

Where from the roof is hung a football medallion,

And down under Inter Milan faces the German giants,

The star is stunned with the presence of Jove,

Who showed up his lucky face to watch the soccer contest,

I guzzle a beer,

And look at the orchestra now announcing the welcome of God,

There is no room for silence,

As she bakes a pie to enchant the guests,

Having taken their seats to watch the game,

There is no room for mediocre play,

All the bigwigs of Uefa hope the pope watches his watch,

There is silence in Cathedral as well as Bazaar,

My cousin feverishly pulled some vegetables from the Bazaar,

As I make myself comfortable with Bacardi and coke,

To celebrate as Maria had called the sun her lovely Beau,

The neutrino star is silent and aliens queue up in the space,

To watch the game,

God must be in his heaven,

As the zombie thought,

And underwent the game.

The accumulation of things is an act of past


The obsession with matter is a sign of being old-fashioned while the futuristic trend is to move towards the lighter side of life. The visible light is massless and hence we could see the past of light as it approaches us. The matter tends to depreciate with age, becoming almost ragged with time. Time should not be seen as destroyer but with more of gravity tends to lessen the space, yet time has tendency to move towards eternity as time is almost zero for the future.

The people who accumulate more things are more susceptible to past thus trying to preserve what they brought many years ago while the future is with becoming thingless. To shed mass is the way to the future. The eternal world could be defined with time t=0, the world where clocks stop and we get out of the world dominated by time. It is a world sans any mass.

To make some sense out of the universe we must turn towards light which one day could take on the shape of consciousness if we ever could get the sense of feeling and capture it on to the light so that consciousness could travel in the realms of the universe. For such fascination to happen, we must tend to turn towards the things that shun mass. Consciousness could be defined as the awareness of the environment. And that awareness could search the universe for any signs of life.

Universe as simulation- hypothesis


I am a product of deluded matrix- the contraption that has led me to believe there is an environment of the sorts which we have on the earth when exactly it is a computer simulation now behaving as a cultural environment provider. It is matrix and it is deluded in the sense it believes it has a body when it has none. It believes it is darkness around when he is sitting in a well lit room- the brain in vat. Would you believe the brain has any means to know that there is no simulation but the mercy of all powerful God?

There is no way we could prove there is no simulation though it is a brain in vat connected to matrix. If the brain is taken out of vat and put into life over the head of a man, would the brain conjecture that the body of a man is an illusion? So far the vatted brain incorrectly believes it has body as the body is an illusion in the matrix. But if it continues to believe it has body when put on the head of a man then surely we know we are a product of simulation. The vat on body would believe in an illusion of body.

How come the body is an illusion? The body is a hologram containing data in digital form as coded into the deepest link as possible. Does the book, survival of the fittest, ever assumed the brain in vat could develop without having an associated body? The brain in vat produces significant thought about the simulation of reality. The simulated reality throws light upon the consciousness as to believe in the idea of reality through neurons which means body has the cause in neurons and it is only an effect of an image or hologram thus produced.

The Alien streak

The aliens we think are dots on the heavenly bodies far away,

transmuting to their coveted homes if they ever live like humans,

But still their techniques could be pyrotechnic engulfing the winds,

if they blow like solar storms on their planets, like a smoke from chimney,

they cook their wondrous food like a slew of plasma rays if they could,

chew the way we do, nonetheless fire in the skies might indicate,

their cities build for boom in their eternal lives ruled by compact discs,

that are pre-programmed when they are born to rule their destines,

Then sending signals from the earth could detect them in their acts,

and what is for the man a Paradise Lost could be for them regained.