One Lone Evening

The one lone evening

I meet on some turn

And the rain clouds

Thirst for the earth

And she since ages

Hides herself behind spectacles

Like night after sleep’s end

Separates from itself.

And this is an illusion

Of seeing love in temple

More lovable she becomes


A Cloudy Dialogue

The animal was more than a brute, a cold hapless meat

Between the sockets of his ears ruled the music of the wind

Whether he liked the wind more or the music

Was the question for a King before he his dethroned

Should I allow the fly to sit upon my nose?

Is yet another question for the clouds to gauge speed

Of the wind and be blown away through the ether

If it exists but the philosopher was silent at his core

Could you tell me the story of Helen of Troy?

Sure comes the voice I must heed to

I am naked in the storm, walking towards the wind of rain

It is raining really hard now.

A Stanza

The dust litters the room as left by you

more of absence is heeded to the flower folds

Loosely pouting from the bell jar as with a swipe of

Poisonous tongue hurling over his lips

Still silence could breach the dialogue of me

With you in nothingness begetting nothing

Love begetting loveless corpse of a deity

On the rolls of the King who never was

A brave soul to defend his own love

Lest the loveless jitters strangle whosoever

Dusts the dust whether a piety or robber

Paper Building

That building of paper like build

and sharp dyer looks into

Since ages

And is drawn parallel

To the men of another age

Hopeful,merciless and hardworking

Who cocooned in the silence of night

Like a rabbit on toe of tortoise

Who sits bemused watching the work of God

In utter silence.

Your Villa

Those I met on long and winding journey

Today again I met them since you returned

Neither I have discontent for the world

Nor there is intensity of the moth

This was the destination in homage

When We had stepped out on journey

This is what I have got

The villa of yours is like moon having wound up on the earth

And today I am in company under your tent

Love from heart to heart is drawing upon blood of sorts

Sun Storm

What medicine I do of love malaise?

Is this the world I deserve without you?

A year of two seasons served on a platter

Of sun sufferings in the open

When all live in pursuit of golden fleece

What wings I have got are forbidden

In yearning of flying season

I have cloaked this flourish of paper

Which escapes my hold of pen and ink

What about you?

Knowing I suffer in the sun storm of your love

The Old and the new

Love you with all the will of heavens

You delight in the summons of Emperor

Who would partake nothing but love of the Gods

And here you rest in naked feet as sworn to pledge

to tip-toe in my presence like paying homage

To the Love God and you would offer to him nectar

And the love rose would blush in the hands of a maiden

And in the end on the altar lies your soul

Unsure of any God who might exist out of chaos

You find around and it sits like an order of the cosmos

And you are young fox


Why don’t you have a feeling for the old?

The sagging life hardly shaking but with a gusto

Looking for some satisfaction to the end of the world

Why don’t you see the old faces smiling?

What is in the body of a damsel that dazzles the stars?

Hung on the tree as if it is the ultimate decree

I am lost to the vixen and the shrew

And the damn earth that helped them grew