Energy is not a property of matter

Energy is not contained in matter or mass as we are familiar with the famous equation of Einstein e=mc^2. It is emitted when certain work is done with the application of force. So what is sending the light from the sun, is there a force or the sun is doing work? The questions are absurdContinue reading “Energy is not a property of matter”

Is Philosophy dead?

In convention in 2011 Stephen Hawking declared philosophy to be dead as it could not keep pace with the manner Physics has progressed over the years. It is the inert nature of philosophers to ignore Physics that today philosophy stands vindicated of its blame as surrogate mother to sciences which it once was. No moreContinue reading “Is Philosophy dead?”

Ptolemy’s model could be the model for mind

The earth as the center of the universe which metaphorically means the activity of man is important to him as what happens on earth is in significance a lot more meaningful to the activities as pursued. For a person whose sole calibration with the universe is self preserving his existence that his world revolves aroundContinue reading “Ptolemy’s model could be the model for mind”

Consciousness of man is more than ape yet the same

Consciousness could be a wave of neurons that much no longer different in apes than in modern man. The conclusions of apes of the world are the same as that of man that the world is meaningless. Modern man has found lot of knowledge though he yet to travel in a spaceship and his consciousnessContinue reading “Consciousness of man is more than ape yet the same”

Why some numbers repeat more often in nature?

There it has been most likely felt that some numbers appear more often than others as if we take a distribution of prime numbers, it is very less likely the last digits of consecutive primes to match that is if one prime is ending with 1 then it is very less likely the next primeContinue reading “Why some numbers repeat more often in nature?”

Time as eternal and independent of space

If there is nothing, what change does time measure? It simply goes on ticking, the passing of motion as that of heavenly bodies but when I am not moving still time occurs for me. It must mean there is point existence of time besides than a dimension of time tied to space. If there isContinue reading “Time as eternal and independent of space”