Quanta of love

I plugged in the TV to watch flow of love in a movie,

Debug the code was the challenge of yesterday to know how to make a movie

I debugged the radio lying in a theater lit with quanta of light to be

I was mad at her for flowing ceaselessly in a movie

Why love has to move at all?

Why doesn’t it come to stand still for the lovers to be?

Far away the hero of the movie moved to find love when there is a loophole of destiny

Why to love at all and be silent?

Then she spoke there is love in every atom of the universe and be

a silent peacock in the rainy season on a mountain for every one to see

Love is formless and free

Till I switched off the TV

and found love as it could be

Empty Space it is

And empty space it would be.




I wait to know the outcome of tomorrow

on pennies borrowed from yesterdays

the money sinks when time affords disarray

Could it be the future indeterminate?

I don’t have a clue for tomorrow

but a wish I could be with you on the morrow!

And thousand piper dreams blow against the castles in the air

and you having airs of eternal vigilance

accept me as I am on the morrow!

Could it be the future determinate?

Or a fatalistic hello!

Energy is not a property of matter

Energy is not contained in matter or mass as we are familiar with the famous equation of Einstein e=mc^2. It is emitted when certain work is done with the application of force. So what is sending the light from the sun, is there a force or the sun is doing work? The questions are absurd as light is massless yet emitting energy. There must be absence of force in the sun that is performing the magic as we are seeing the world.

The absence of force is in the gravity of the sun. We can’t walk without the absence of this force and we can’t see without it. Newton is half correct when he says force keeps the motion while Einstein is also half correct when he says it is the energy that is keeping the matter through curvature of the space. There is third invisible force that is surely by its absence makes its presence felt and it is in the gravity.

So energy is not a property of matter as is thought by Einstein that keeps the mass together but is invisible force that makes the absence of force in gravity felt.

Dialectics of motion

Could we observe the state of an object if there exists no force? No force meaning collapse of the object but it is not going to collapse as the tension compensates for the cancelling of all forces rather than the gravity that keeps the force. Hence the absence of force exists.

The absence of force generates the motion as Einstein has shown when the light accelerates under the influence of gravity. While in vacuum there exerts a force that keeps the motion of photon till the photon meets the gravity such that absence of force itself in gravity lends motion to the particle in terms of direction.

If Hegel is to be believed there are the opposites that drive the cosmos forward so its the absence of force as exerted by the motion of sun hence its gravity that propels the necessary force to keep the earth in motion besides the curvature of the space. The absence of force in gravity exists as there was the inertia when the sun’s creation came to under the folds. Hence big bang could be thought of as started with the absence of force and then the creation of force which came along with the birth of gravity. Was there any gravity in the mass of the plasma that existed in the early phase of the universe’s creation? Must be so, gravity is the condition of matter rather than that of the motion.

Newton says the force keeps the motion with dynamics while Einstein contends its the absence of such force that keeps the photon on its journey when under the influence of gravity. So there exists absence of force in the gravity itself that keeps the motion in the right perspective besides the force exerted by the objects in motion.


Is Philosophy dead?

In convention in 2011 Stephen Hawking declared philosophy to be dead as it could not keep pace with the manner Physics has progressed over the years. It is the inert nature of philosophers to ignore Physics that today philosophy stands vindicated of its blame as surrogate mother to sciences which it once was. No more a philosopher conjectures about life as it was with nature when Kant and others illustrated the usefulness to study time and space.

It is believed that Philosophy has lost its capability to describe life as Physics has rendered it useless to elucidate anything on nature. But scientists might be wrong in underestimating Philosophy as for Philosophy the world is the case, not universe and man is the source of any dynamics of life rather than black holes. To reduce man to particles and speculate on the arrangement of particles is not good Physics or Philosophy. So to answer a question like why we are here in the universe is remarkably different from why we are here in the world? In later terms nature is interpreted through artistic means rather than scientific theories. So the first question that comes to mind is about nothingness. Science suggests there is nothing called nothingness but life suggests many a times man feels nothingness in his existence. So as far as the man goes making strides in technology he would severely be dependent on Philosophy for interpreting life and hence for him Philosophy is never dead.

Ptolemy’s model could be the model for mind

The earth as the center of the universe which metaphorically means the activity of man is important to him as what happens on earth is in significance a lot more meaningful to the activities as pursued. For a person whose sole calibration with the universe is self preserving his existence that his world revolves around the mind which occupies the most significant seat in universe. As for Brahmins in India all that evident is reality of self which is the seed of the universe around him, exists as such the source of all the vitality of life. The conception of the earth as the center of the universe could be taken to mean a whole lot of spiritual knowledge unfolding as seen in many religions.

Spiritually I feel my mind is the center of the universe which Ptolemy referred to the physical. If my mind is the central hub of the universe all the physical activity for me follows from my mind thus Ptolemy has got relevance today besides his idea of celestial sphere where exists all the stars. His model could befit the model of mind, the inner world of the self which is the source of all the perception of the universe. What is important is that in the model of Ptolemy all the sun, moon and planets circle the earth which means spiritually earth is the source of power from where emanates the motion. It appears as from the daily observation that the sun does go around the earth which though is an illusion of earth’s rotation about its axis. Apart from the physical motion of the heavenly bodies, the model of Ptolemy could represent the internal life of mind and could encourage idealism to correct the model where Ptolemy went wrong.

Consciousness of man is more than ape yet the same

Consciousness could be a wave of neurons that much no longer different in apes than in modern man. The conclusions of apes of the world are the same as that of man that the world is meaningless. Modern man has found lot of knowledge though he yet to travel in a spaceship and his consciousness is the same as that of an ape; there is an illusion of matter which the modern man has been unable to dispel. That is matter is wave as well as particle. Consciousness though is wave yet not particle hence it could travel at more than the speeds of light. What I mean by travelling at speed, man sitting on the earth is aware of the distances in light years to various planets hence he is conscious of these distances and when these distances are compared to comparative smaller distances on the earth, he is aware of the stars in such a way that though he could picture going to them yet is not feasible hence his consciousness travels as far as the imaginable star distances from the earth.

The apes were not aware of these distances yet they could fancy the stars as far as apart from them as other places on the earth. In short they could not make sense of the spatial relations and time yet they were conscious of a superpower existing in the skies that might devour them;and there came poetry which the modern man uses to sing praises to God. The dip of consciousness hasn’t much changed since the beginning of time on the earth with advent of Adam though we are aware of much more than Adam would. Still the consciousness is same so it must be that matter is alive of consciousness in equal proportions though levels may be high or low depending upon our condition in time.