Oracle an apostle or Satan-The intellectual truth of the cosmos

The intellect could harldy reminisice of sex with clarity that I had to call upon Orcale who could be a Sophoi of sort in helping the God do death to temporal existence and help Him move within the realms of His own authority. Is he an apostle or Satan then? To break the bondage of darkness, I visit the temple and with its belssings I pass by a funeral procession only to be welcomed by Oracle who is with the sun and at the noon would be a dominant power to enter my home and here I recite a Bollywood tune to endear the welcoming of Oracle and open the windows of perception. The divination I intend is for Freud to elaborate on sexual vitality as Oracle enters the service of God laying commnication through the windows of existence. Superficial knowledge is to be replaced with omnsicnece remmnant of God and thus leading into an ethereal existence beyond death.  It’s a grand event to acknowledge the pagans to have a foresight into the supernatural and thus realise the God.

Waiting for Oracle by the windows I favour he came but was more finnicky about the British English as to how clearly pronounce the alphabet to prophesy. I asked him if God was dead and he shook the head to mean yes. Who killed the God ? I enquired further. He calculated on his fingers and said five stars. Who are these? Satan intellectuals who want to run the universe on their own hands. So Nietzshe was correct it was the religion who killed the God.


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