Knowledge as an end without means

We resist the approach to knowledge for we have a bias against it, how could the person leading the view have authority to guide us let alone the entire human race? This is quite invisible in the case of Karl Marx in whose authority we surrender without much ado as far as the source of knowledge is concerned. The world view of Marx is taken as indisputable source for the knowledge to follow however critical it might be.

Then we have technological knowledge whose source is as mysterious as the technical skill of the practitioner is, If technological practitioner is taken to be synonymous of Karl Marx then his lengthy discourse on the seemingly developing technology might sound a personal drive to bring about meaning in the world however logical it might prove. The source in either case of technology practitioner or Karl Marx impels us to accept knowledge with self doubt which is the part of human nature and to eradicate the self doubt we accept the source of knowledge. Either case propounds dictatorship of reason. The reason would not oblige the ego but goes on to enumerate itself in bid to establish whatever ideology or product it has on its hand. It is this dictatorship of reason the intellect must show up arms against to revel in poetry and arts more as it was in the past then to always sinking the teeth into scientific developments.

The knowledge is beyond scientific or technical agenda the man pursues to make life livable and we must accept knowledge without much dilly-dallying as about its relevance to our times. Next could be the religion that could be the source of knowledge as it appears was treated in the past with much favour but in the modern times have been relegated to fanaticism and the one without reasonable basis. But it fights the dictatorship of reason and must go on to fight it.


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