Love with Karl Marx on the other end of life

I connected to ghosts. Marx is on the other end of grave well by thousand days in inferno that he shook the dream of sexual orgy as if mad frenzy has taken better of Hitler in grave. They all had  dressed like tomatoes as slaves. No idea is dead as the interview of God describing Vulcan volcano if it really exists as the starting point:?and God yet not exist though the world has undertaken yet God would not be known.

There is a street in town running like Berlin wall and on the other end lives Marx in dejection having become destitute with the fall of Russian empire nonetheless love lives shy of Ottomon Empire though.

Equality of the sexes is a battle between resurgent God and Godless Marx. There is a pudding and vodka socialism living as alien in its own motherland.

Freud was right God is witness to sex of the species, creating a new replica of the sexual union each a master of his own orgy. She sickened with dirt in the air hardly moved with a kiss. But Marx reached out for a cigar in Castro fashion and lit the pyre of Mary while Jesus burned in pain of sheepish surrender as if the whole ocean is laid out in seconds by the God to resurrect humanity.