Gambit of lost love

Lost love is not lost but hidden somewhere in the dark nook of mind. Something occurs evenly, occurs oddly but occurs after all; what about the things that don’t occur, they exist in mind in wake of preordained to be present in abstraction. The mind cajoles up things that reason foretell while ego plays with the drives that are fore stalled in memory as something already experienced or felt. What about love? Is it present in advance that when we see the object of love, it is evoked! In fact it is in abstraction of nature. The more pure the nature is, more the love. So it is in essence of man that he abstracts everything out of love for the nature unless he is an anarchist and given to the way of destruction which is death like obsession to recur to something earlier felt or present. It is return to an earlier state yet it is in abstraction of love essence.

The content of abstraction if fictional content that is evident in the representation of mythology. Everything marked for existence is either fictional or habitual in nature. Either the thought I am having is a production of my mind or it is production of habit of mind. So mind when used to behave in typical ways like those in actors yield content that is though abstract but something already seen or expressed.

Reason is a faculty other than the abstraction of love which gives order to the thought like placing the events in sequence of occurring. So love lost in gambit is the work of reason that having concluded the order of things writes an epilogue, the event that must end in the last. Hence the gambit. All love lost is gambit.


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