The Infinite Supernatural in whose face Economics fails

There is infinity extending in the supernatural from which the whole psyche is derived like an application interface for the layer that exists innate in every individual as posited by Jung. The supernatural exists at the root of psyche and cannot be undefined by any intellect of which the reason is the most significant benefactor though it is the compulsion of the personality to make sense out of the universe by employing reason. Reason is with the conscious soul hardly bearing any meaning or significance to the soul.It is the supernatural at the root of psyche from which psyche derives the whole meaning and visual symbols for its working. The individual is conditioned to obey the reason as it demands the answers which on the surface out rightly means nonsensical without any linkage to psyche. Psyche is the condition of the mental apparatus of the individual at any time and the individual in it contains the symbols which are common to the species. Marx and the other great thinkers before Freud avoided the psychological processes only to construe reality which was an illusion of the existing universe. They replicated thought which had no relation to the drive of man like indulging in Economics which could be considered esoteric activity in the information age when whims of the persons doing trade take precedence over the economic theories as postulated by the thinkers. To think on the lines of social anthropology is a mistake and the focus must proceed on to the psychic aspect of the individual when he is more confronted with the whimsical aspects of personality in day to day life.

So denying the supernatural is to deny from where the mind lends its imagery in relation to the external world. The Hindu Mythology and the Greek Mythology is the living examples as depicting the behaviour of the individuals when confronted by the Gods. So denying God was the essential failure of Karl Marx to acknowledge reality.


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