Karl Marx refutes existential confrontation

On the basis of what was developed by Hegel, the existential ground for dialectical materialism, Marx drops the same struggle inherent in the existence of man and goes on to provide the basis of economic justice without giving any particular stress on the inherent basis for psyche’s existence as it exists in communicating with the supernatural.To loose the shine of self in delivering the human justice by taking up the cause of economic equality, Karl Marx ignores the existence of the supernatural from where all the psyche has evolved not in a manner of Darwin’s evolution but confronting itself in a single moment on the path of human development. It has evolved in a mere thirty to forty years since the information age began. The data is inhuman for the psyche and its apparatus to comprehend the data is exemplary, thus spending  the most of energy in making sense out of whatever data man has garnered over a said period of time. It’s ridiculous to think Marx in the face of loads of data which was never contemplated by Marx himself and who was instead content to have a concise summary of human existence in his terse economic laws.

While most of the religion, the mind connotes with, is ritualistic murder of reason and thus is ignored by the cerebral activity and enters the phase of memory rote recitations and Marx’s hypothesis though challenging brain activity fails to strike the chord with the reason itself since it refutes the existence of supreme power that could lay equality to the whole human race. Instead Karl Marx goes on to create a basis for his ideas which is weaker force, the proletariat as opposite to the stronger supernatural. How could a weakened section of society demand equality which was forced by Lenin into a conclusion- the revolutionary overthrow of the status quo with violent means?

Lenin thus walks on the way of anarchy to bestow order like Hitler with the difference that Hitler though endeared death wish, Lenin avowed Eros. Marx thus failed to create a substitute for that which is weaker in nature ,as Hegel had formed for his basis a strong undercurrent of confrontation in nature of the opposing yet strong forces.


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