Oracle an apostle or Satan-The intellectual truth of the cosmos

The intellect could harldy reminisice of sex with clarity that I had to call upon Orcale who could be a Sophoi of sort in helping the God do death to temporal existence and help Him move within the realms of His own authority. Is he an apostle or Satan then? To break the bondage ofContinue reading “Oracle an apostle or Satan-The intellectual truth of the cosmos”

Knowledge as an end without means

We resist the approach to knowledge for we have a bias against it, how could the person leading the view have authority to guide us let alone the entire human race? This is quite invisible in the case of Karl Marx in whose authority we surrender without much ado as far as the source ofContinue reading “Knowledge as an end without means”

Nietzsche’s superhuman is not supernatural

The theme of Nietzsche that the entity occurs again and again eternally conduces a belief that it is not supernatural but mere effete to continue with the eternity. Something transcending the reality is super real while something transcending the nature is supernatural. The idea of eternal recurrence without transcending nature is not possible and ifContinue reading “Nietzsche’s superhuman is not supernatural”

The Infinite Supernatural in whose face Economics fails

There is infinity extending in the supernatural from which the whole psyche is derived like an application interface for the layer that exists innate in every individual as posited by Jung. The supernatural exists at the root of psyche and cannot be undefined by any intellect of which the reason is the most significant benefactorContinue reading “The Infinite Supernatural in whose face Economics fails”

Karl Marx refutes existential confrontation

On the basis of what was developed by Hegel, the existential ground for dialectical materialism, Marx drops the same struggle inherent in the existence of man and goes on to provide the basis of economic justice without giving any particular stress on the inherent basis for psyche’s existence as it exists in communicating with theContinue reading “Karl Marx refutes existential confrontation”

Zen Buddhist under the shadows of the trinity

Tony Dezongpa sitting on a mount and sermonising. “The God exists in his awesome wholeness” “None there is pride or earthiness” “The God is mind and there evolves with God, mind in unison with million minds” “Yes! million minds contained in a single mind”. As Tony finished with his daily sermon he fell in theContinue reading “Zen Buddhist under the shadows of the trinity”

For the writer to tame the whiskey on ice and fire within

Whiskey and for some wish-key, is no doubt a refuge for the writer to douse his inner flame with a little bit ice in it and forget the tidings of literary bent of mind. Further eroding the confidence or may be gaining the confidence to face the world and the blank paper with a squareContinue reading “For the writer to tame the whiskey on ice and fire within”

Romancing the search engines as neurotic

Though bound by instinctual and economic needs we could outgrow search engines to fancy all the artistic or philosophical competency we have. The search engines care for what is prevalent thought through out the history that you could write a moving prose about eighteenth or nineteenth century and could receive a pat on the shouldersContinue reading “Romancing the search engines as neurotic”