All I Could

What I want for today?

I sleep all I could

I eat all I could

and be the beast for my age

I sleep further than night

I eat further than might

And let be loved wholly

for love’s sake and burn

the lamp for the night’s hour

I slept no more

I eat no more

But my ways found me

By beloved of all virtue

And now I become again

a soldier for love, the way

the countries play affairs

to be remarked by hullabaloo

I am coming home to you

Forever and ever till the sun

could melt away in ice and

gather but besides a silent

meeting of the soul


The Decree

The old house in which the heaven dwells

Like a moth on the bluish agony of the flame

there comes beside a saint a crooked thief to

part with his life lived usually on the streets

The saint could fit the scene like a wobbly walker

who desired more than moon every part of the sun

He would call the prayers a heavenly muse and an

angel came down to greet and thief parted with

the memory of all these the garden was lit like

the faint sounds of night calls as God was dressed

in motley hue. The colourless water nonetheless

a saintly fluid. the thief took the decrees there is

night calling for the party to go on and freeze .

The decree launched by the angels in footless merry

making and followed all till the yonder could be seen.

The Vow

The vow could cause to burn a memory

inside the head like the elongated moon

besides a love lorn gloom stretching on

for niggardly written song of passion and

beauty yields the face upon which

all praises fall for the dear love in repose

while idling time twopence a day I form

an opinion of queen or a maid, a self confession

The gate was ajar as it was when I came

nobody disturbed the peace of a solemn love

a request to be foregone like a quiet mice

I could run around and forget the winter

spent in waylay of love upon its lull face

agony rising with longing for the sake of

mighty work disturbed and wrecked like

a thunderstorm on one of a mighty night

when the hero loosing grace falls for

the succulent ape and I must rejoice the

coming of infinite romance unending in

form of a sequence.



Run amuck! Eureka! Amen forget the christ!

The fingered prisoner lies about  God  and escaped the prison!

Nobody is coming to chat for  a mercy upon the worshipper!

It is like forgetting the language, the alphabets, hiccups  and a new start

Love is lost in the city where fought the warriors of  Troy
I am calm and beaten by the life, resting somewhere in the gardens of some place

I read in between the gasps ,taking newspaper and smudging with it

the whole written dialogues! empty sheets of paper

Show me a little mercy

and escape the taboo of an actor

Why does he act, why doesn’t he enact.

She is still lewdly swearing by her passion

the empty Goddess of Cinema after having run riot

and there she rests upon the grave of a poet

who never sworn by her

Here we end the whole matter

and pray instead to a jocular seed of art

and die by the way of a lord!

The Flower Pot

I sing the requiem

a melody she left

when beginning to descent from the memory

I purposely bring in the flowers

arranged in a fashion unfit for man

to be brute to the fineness of lady’s hands

Undressed the shirt and wear

what she left behind the  most mystical

science I ever believed in

a solar power of sun’s rays deflected

And I pick nonetheless a chance

to sing a bold song of love and loveliness

But the requiem hangs its balance

ultimately by the mirror she left another

meaning for love

a sad longing for the flesh

and to mute it I silence my head

with liquor of miner’s rum

I lay naked under the sun.

The Rainbow Seeker

I decline what is inside me

as a plummeted lark to love

my hopes and dreams mix up

in literate confusion of being

more than an animal and beast

of religion to love a saint

whose she? Nothing but a lark

of the wind having shook its

Own ground by chance of luck.

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A believable case

Little rectitude to save the day with passing agony

there was little mermaid and the feeling of a sinking boat amid the sinking water

could not bring any hope to the captain at helm

who cried unbelievable loud cries that the angels of the pirates

stunted the growth of an advancing enemy ship

which falling closer could not bring justice to the police

for lounging in the rain and staring right in front of  Ben

who clocked nothing but a lasting stare as browbeating the Gods

and the Godly men in their own lands and rising above

stared at Lucy who was lost on the sea