A motto for myself

The days abandon love and be forsaken,
there was glow in night and many stars gather the shine
I know I am fully awake and listening to alien prayers
a bond with the chord of love,love flowing into life
I sit every day under the tree that has root within me
growing in every direction and benumbing me
Do I desire knowledge, Yes! Yes! a lot more of knowledge
I think about my son and his ways to playfully say I love you,
there is growing stark competition among the nations
the survival of the fittest is their motto and agenda
something else about mankind symphony of music
Now I finish the narrative and hence for like to be a man.


The Chancellor of star wars fame

He was a broad type man with broad shoulders and narrowing waist,
why would he flick the gun rotator on the chiselled enemy,
there was a drunk race of the umbrella type sockets,
running amuck on the periphery of the space ship,the chancellor,
watched the droid attacks on the screen as jaunty as a joker could be,
There was a track of the fleet sent to capture the rumble who,
had gained what the universe always had implied,the wanton power,
of infinite suns each a speck on the frenzy sky till nothing was,
left for the chancellor to declare the masters of the universe war,
those who would win the keys would unlock the power of infinite suns,
and reign the cloudy substructure of the warring universe.The chancellor,
sent more troops to end the war and declare republic the whole universe,
and capture the rumble who had misjudged the power of oracle who decreed,
one God for himself and his people who now lay hunted and broken on,
the land of Iris.No doubt now the case was gone and the war ended.
The chancellor had emerged victorious to loot the enemy of all evil dead.
The land but the evil dead.The food but the evil dead.Now he was with,
queen hernia to win her favour and rule the angles of the God but the God,
was dead on which occasion the war had broken out and now nothing but,
one fate sealed mattered. The Love of lost kingdoms on fire.The chancellor,
said Amen and proclaim him the God who had committed suicide in the beginning,
Now the God was back on power and the universe lay humbled.

The Bungalow at far side

The moonlight lit the jungle like a huge lantern
the sky was clear and the stars shone to twinkle now and then
there was a huge bungalow spread in the middle of nowhere and
the stream ran inspite of lacking water, there was a silent oak
which seem to teether out of bungalow. It was inside the red light
that demarcated the boundary wall of the bungalow. Sheen was sitting
upright in the SUV listening to Pink Floyd.The hero of her dreams had
entered the bungalow after clambering the wall. There seemed long
unwavering silence. The hero had two radio docks with himself and listened
to the music Sheena was listening. It was not because of Voodoo that the
bungalow was in moony glow.It was the shrill of Saturday night fever
that the bungalow seemed to strange shinning near the verandah.Someone
was dancing naked, and gulping beer.He was quite intoxicated that the hero
mumbled at his breath the lyrics of the dark side of the moon and
jumped upon the dancing figure. He revealed there was huge treasure
in the backyard of bungaloW which he knew was laid to rest about twenty
years ago and the man revealed to the hero about his girlfriend who
was dead and buried in the backyard by the pupil tree.So he hesitated to
take out the treasure. It was his girl’s and he now rested there
under the pupil tree. He claimed it was a ritual on the Friday nights
to dance and sing heavily usually naked when his girl lived there. Now just
to keep the memory alive, he was dancing.Hero also gulped the beer
and left the message to sheena who was waiting near the stream.He halted
the dance and left a strange message for sheena. There lived once God in the bungalow and that now God is dead.

Bylanes of a dynast

The rich king mead showed sympathy for the poor,
is it a deliberate talk to those soggy eyes or,
lumpen matter of scrawny faces,there is love that matters,
come home to unique market of diamonds and pulsars if
they could be found by the wayside of den and the ken,
of knowledge describes how the mate would sing in order,
to coo the love of an effete female otherwise bedecked,
for a gala event which others forsake for the pride like,
google bestows upon the world an artifact that the people,
searching for love elect themselves for that prize which,
is more than the value of Nobel prize.He listens to otherwise,
grimy story of tragedy that befell a dynast who having won,
million fans with his skill of playing piano,finally decided,
to quit love for love’s sake.He now sleeps in a dingy room to,
show love for brotherhood and for the brothers he would go out,
in the mall to fetch bouquets of love upon love that a girl,
joked about so many bouquets as collection of stamps whose friend,
is a postmaster. Then you stop collecting them either way you,
are being dubbed as a lunatic whose sole purpose is to sing,
hymns for the poor rather than the comrades who want equality.
Again the lover would come for merry making that there is a friend
lost in the bylanes of love.

Love couple when old

The great gondoliers awash the shore of street with sweat,
clammy hands propel the boat into the depths of water street,
where there is water in the middle of the street gondoliers steer,
the couple who sat amid the gondolier were actors of yore who had,
enjoyed the lovemaking over the decades now with age seem to threatened,
with life,they were rich so in the streets of Venice they guess what,
the gondolier is singing to woo the love amid the watery streets,
He was remembering somebody who having been lost over the ages seemed,
to gondolier as a lover who once was young and frailty of life hardly
touched her. Now the lovers sitting in the gondola have lost youth and so they,
had thought about two decades ago that they would always be young.
Deep furrows in their forehead showed contemplation they took to enhance,
their art.Then they were artists or actors in Bollywood in India.
Where they had gone three decades ago were struggling in films in Bombay,
now hardly ever caressed their art in artistic objects.
They are now lifeless and could not adjust with the old age melting into,
each others’ arms and Venice thought something else about them a persona non grata on devouring love what was sapping in them.They were recluse now and

Love Summons

The river runs down into a chasm of love,
there is a goat and mocking fawn that dissects every man,
I hope the rundown to love would be a cakewalk and all,
the years burnt under the sun would be enough for a scene of love,
there was my friend deep and guzzling a song with open accent,
I thought not about the menacing clouds and ensuing rain,
I picked up from where I left love last day of October,
when In silence I said indomitable words ‘Le Po I care not’ and
walked to my friend who said fancy dances need not be made, I was
carrying a painting of the beloved love’s mad angels,One look she
fancied chances of getting love in a second on its way.We kissed and parted,
all the agony ended and what I began with still remained an empty face.
And need not I had to be careful with words and not take chances with love anymore.

A fairy tale

The wind left us derided of the sudden change in speed,
there was a vortex of thoughts now boiled over our minds,
that I come closer to a slut wringing the dance of merriment,
just as her companion derided the whole place with music of subversion,
there is lot of suddenness in her steps as to alarm all the young for,
a beat of the heart and swinging she discoursed about God,
Her companion was swift at the chords of guitar and wringing the godly,
tunes they completed the steps together with liveliness .
Then came the pirates looting the drinks on the house and,
discouraging all the instant love found by the slut who decried,
now hiding behind the curtain. The night broke down into dawn and,
the pirates having gone, I stole the hour under the belly of bartender,
and surged above to the bus stand. Where with the jacket of the slut,
I hid my face and indeed my presence where now the music of nature,
emptied the early risers into nothingness. And I swear to return to the,
grave of my old friend to mark the beginning of all love.I descended upon the,
bus and left the city into nothingness. Those gone voices echoed within me and,
my promise to the fairy of night. Let it wring and go merry making.