Late in the corner

I describe my environs bleakly

There is God for trusting with

And trust gone bitter who knows the God is within

just muster up courage and There be God in any wake of life

lead a prosperity driven life and behold there a passenger

on a journey to Bethlem, mocking the sparrows of freedom

he enters a corner of the room and behold there be prayers

On coming late in the corner I realize the scheme of ascetic

there is no purpose in living but the bodily affair if we could

curb desire and face the True God. God is coming to love.That is the desire

of a naive, but silence is frozen in prayers late in the corner I see my friend

beaming with the meaning of an ascetic. Nevertheless coming about love

Never pressing for prayer other than for God in His Handiwork.Amen


Love’s moment lost

By the riverside there is slosh of puddle

in which darned donkeys take a shower

and punish all those evil hours of contemplation

where the suffered are thought about in pleasurable state

of mind. Think and think more yet the pain of suffering never comes

what is hidden from the sight is forgotten in a moment’s

living passion. There is nonetheless silence

to hear the music of spheres if possible love then suffering

comes and belittles myself as if rejected for love

and then enlightenment might strike the revolution

of society and must begin with an end for selfish love


Had laughter

I have had laughter,

no matter what I become I depend upon laughter,

like a shoestring budget laughter rolls meekly,

nothing is a jumpstart but misery of existence,

I declare white roses don’t exist or,

thorns hurt and the blood fingers smudge on canvas

To draw your portrait I look in between,

dead posture a meek laughter and you,

my sincere love

Masters of the universe – A thought


The laudable worth of human is empathizing with the sacred

not profane, deliberately nudging from one end to the other

as putting the thread to the beads and wondering if rose is needed

This was the moment with the history of love in the universe

There are diverse aliens only to entertain my heart I am having the view

Definitely the source of life in the universe is about love and species

of God walk through the railing. Love is the essence of life in the universe.

The Masters of the Universe -An Intro

The calamity would peg love as its only victim

Where lay the soldier’s resolve was on the planet of apes

that bore nothing at all but the mercy from angels

The planet of apes was long nightly ride into score of light years

where breaks the light of its spiral center  and spread across the galactic sea

Russo knew from the start the apes would bend the corners

about the space of themselves and the radiation having passed millennia

would struck the planet of heroes aghast. This was in curiosity nothing

more than a space travel. The Rhidores from the island of Manua in cosmic sea

emerge for nothing but the spirit of Gods you see.

The Masters of the Universe- An Intro

Hegemony of state is prime decider about the ruler who conquered what

and in returning to the nation states the scribes decided to put on the toll

all that was the cost for occupying the space and lay the possessions of what is where and belongs to whom in the universe

Nation States were the union against the dictators of the modern yore

The dictators fingered the peace now and then and lay the claim to Cretes

where was the army cache of the ammunition  they would keep in order

to bring colonies under the flag of the unionists. The dictators were unionists

and wanted to make the universe under the domain of a great dictator Syphilis

The Lords of the Bomen

And with acumen the men progressed to water hole

amid the ocean no body knew the whirlpool

The rich fell the fatty beef and swallowed the pride

the poor said the prayer and forgozt the sheep

but the shepherd came rushing to see the lord

dipped his hands into the woolen sheath

There One could see a pretty damsel and

say the life is pretty but with a twist shows pity

no rumor of living saint could set blaze the fire

and in a memory the Gods froze the sky it was

ice forming day, the rich and the poor together

hallowed prayers for the thunder God of lightening

a damsel came and wept there was a rapture for all

men to advance into the ocean and from the deck of the ship

came the frightened prayers this time the ship idled

and lit the pyre of its bow men and the captain.