Given the benefit of doubt

I stroll not troll the market. I am not heaven send but hellish current of the underwater. There is nothing wild in the beast, its what is the instinct that drives the beast. There is no hope but the light from darkness that sets upon the things that are heavenly in the world. Then I am not programmed by God but the wild silt of the seabed that makes the things clatter without giving a hoof. It is the world after all that collects the samples of work for the employees and I am a mean idler going the way the car racing goes in the streets. It is nor the end of the world that matters for me but the end of friendship and it never fails me to say hello when there is something outlandish appearing. I am a bit sad but it is not happiness that carries me through the day.But silence.


All news

Nothing to weep butĀ  a camouflage

kept me hiding from your love possession

I was no God but misfortune

having struck me in the know how

of living forms struggling to keep afloat

their secret for survival is no doom but the courage

to wipe off the dreams of strange love that is an alien to me

and keeping in mind my pleasure for success I love beneath my skin

a spirit of love God.

An apple for the thought

I toss up all the gloss

on the skinny magazine

of goats and pulps fiction

I bring in the jasmine scent

to surrender allĀ  my years to God

then I nibble my bread for fifty minutes

It’s in the life of a dreamer that I choose

sky watching as my habit for Saturday nights

and I love all the while surfing barely for the moon shaker

and here is the burnt lover sitting by the ashes of dead winter

The Guesswork

I promise to submit myself in name to the universe

and all the data that is about me and a hologram in

silence has to be remembered as a day fallen in the angels

there is nothing but the mere presence of God as a witness

of the creation of life and the love flows silently

there is a lover who loves more than destiny

and mere love is not sufficient for we also need

the silence of the yore as the time fled into the

onslaught of Hitler and his killing dreams.

How then otherwise love is attained by the man

and his caprice to know all that is there more than

all the knowledge.Let whims be mistaken for other

chariot drawn fancies that touch the heart. Let then the heart

be dead if love does not matter.For the whole of generation

Let there be peace to all those who flee the galleys of oppression

and there be everything thrown away and in negation be love

fulfilled and decried.

Ancient aliens’ possibility of existence

If aliens could be found the life on the earth would not be the same again and if the aliens have been already to the earth then we are found.But why not there is any sign yet of having aliens on the earth.The marks left by supposed to be aliens in South America is a wonder in itself.What had been the marks could be the signs of ancients living on the earth and that they were connected to the extraterrestrial is mere blowing up the signs to mean the ancient aliens visited the earth. It could have been that an alien life had searched in the periods when there was no human contact on the earth. Before man arrives on the earth there could have been a chance of aliens landing on the earth. Man evolved slowly and with a struggle, there could be a chance of the opposite, the aliens being fast and flourished easily in the universe

The object of knowledge for aliens

Knowledge could be superficial or it could be deep and in depth. We might be on our way of promising many theories that could be fictional in nature,still it is the knowledge even though fictional. What could be enticing the will to acquire more knowledge.If the aliens could be interested in the divine wisdom of the universe then there is no other object of envy then the knowledge itself. Knowledge seeking is with the intelligent beings and the goal of intelligence itself. It’s the intelligent life that put a stake on the higher knowledge the knowledge that is divine of or related to the order of the universe in existence of intelligent life. What is dharma or religion to sanctify the knowledge based on the transcendental spirit?. The knowledge of the spirit itself that opens a stratum of the universe like man has classified medical knowledge to the various organisms in existence.I want to know what is the universal good and is actually the existence of God leads us to this knowledge?. Is there any deities existing in the nature of man that the man uses his emotion to communicate with them.Certainly there is knowledge that is contained in the spiritual beings sounding like thoughts induced with emotion and aliens survive another day of debate.