The Marxian agenda

What is important in the world? Karl Marx! or a faded dream of communism collapsing under its own weight. There is still optimism left that the most important ideas ever conceived on the planet is about socializing with the people and making frontrunner unions that limit the idea of capital. Still there is no respite for the workers when actually the ideas of Marx dominate. The workers want action and right now! There goes the agenda of the Marxian ideology. There are no workers left endorsing Marx as Marx himself. The backbone of the communist ideas is still twisted after the heavy weights of Russian Marxism fell and there in twilight was the Soviet breakup, breaking into nations of different vibes that fear the world for there is no support for Marxian agenda anywhere. But what in fact is the Marxian agenda, Live life as you were born with silver spoon but no missing the mouthful feed from the spoon. Rely on the best buddy but there are no buddies anywhere. Everyone is a communist. So the commune is the go getter where lies for us a host for the whole state, the mister president of the united states. Then the capitalist could not reach us let alone teach us. I must collaborate with the son of state Mafia in case the bugbear of communism knocks on my door. I don’t harbinger the secret police but I am finding work for them. The secret police is a close guarded secret where Marx dubs the lingo of newly nascent communist states. They are plenty. Next on agenda is the coolness to the hot culture as pulp fiction reminds the culture as the hottest property from the west. Boycott the west or perish fro0m the surface of this roguish institution called the world. When on the behalf of others I proxy the state, it is idly silly to just joke about the genocide if it ever was committed on the communist dawn.


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