The big fruit of socialist order

You can’t have a pie,doubts raised about the efficacy of socialist system if such system could well be placed into the nation’s breeding population.If you could have a pie and you mean to eat it, there’s another doubt about how could you manage a pie in the socialist order in the first place.These are pretty well doubts in the minds of socialists.Is capitalism better? hell! no.Or there could be another system in place of socialism,well may be absurdism.Absurdist idea of economy is a relevantly new as I write I invent it to the absrudism as defined for us by Albert Camus though it has not become an ism so far but what’s the harm in believing if it could be believed into? Albert Camus sees the world in pretty chaos and lack of order doesn’t bring in anarchy but a suicide.Apart from suicide the absurdism is not out of place and it pretty well means strangeness of life is ever present in the liking of it.We are strangers roaming the earth and spending most of our time with trivial pursuits.So any upbeat system that makes life pretty desirable like materialism is not all together a waste but what a man is supposed to do with a materialistic world order? just relegating it to primordial or feudal values that kings and knights attribute to the world otherwise gone crazy.Like in a story of rich prince and poor queen it is always a socialist order that wins the race ultimately.To reap a big fruit of socialism lets discard everything and keep pace with the love of life and milk the cows to believe in the iron curtain that has been heavily uplifted and behind it is a delicate sensitive world that defines the rhythm of life.


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