The engima of being a master craftsman

Boss is right. If I swear by the name of what’s in the name, there is a hope of getting back to my boss alive and healthy. I ‘ll be back soon. I am leaving for publicity of an entire city that needs to crop up in the internet denizens. The way the young siblings of a city eat the fast food to build the big mood, I have to reinvent the whole wheel of fortune. To be continued… I need proofs of being a archetypal baboon looking for love but society is adamant of never letting loose oneself.Where does the socialist agenda do fit in this autumn? Nowhere ?Is it done with the world that there is no social sympathy with me.I must take the credit for not opening myself to the cataclysmic ripples of the society.I am sad though life holds the bare threads like a puppet and then shove with fingers all the love of forsaken man.


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