Stalin Enigma

If Stalin would have been alive he would have never felt the iron curtain of a republic or else would have not mattered much when socialism is brought by Rouble to the whole nation states that existed in postwar Europe.It is a common sense now that Karl Marx is no nonsense.Whether or not Stalin understood communism or not is not important but what is important is the understanding of a revolution he understood when working with Lenin.The three stalwarts of a popular uprising Marx,Lenin and Stalin guarantee all the intellectual prowess they possessed while America with a definition of Neo-Capitalism stood idle barely thinking about itself.Its aliens force that could be called off Europe with Britain and France apart from common knowledge of revolution hardly possessed a shred of knowledge for Washington to think about itself and wonder what power is there in intellect to call revolution as a bold step forward in the name of mankind.Its not commonplace that when Stalin would not understand communism he would mince meat the whole population.It was born to feelings in the west that revolution is not only crazy but idiosyncratic too. So we could say that Karl Marx got a revelation to get rid off the capitalist class before they could even establish themselves.So many European dilemmas rested in the twentieth century on the common property of communist manifesto.


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