The Marxian agenda

What is important in the world? Karl Marx! or a faded dream of communism collapsing under its own weight. There is still optimism left that the most important ideas ever conceived on the planet is about socializing with the people and making frontrunner unions that limit the idea of capital. Still there is no respite for the workers when actually the ideas of Marx dominate. The workers want action and right now! There goes the agenda of the Marxian ideology. There are no workers left endorsing Marx as Marx himself. The backbone of the communist ideas is still twisted after the heavy weights of Russian Marxism fell and there in twilight was the Soviet breakup, breaking into nations of different vibes that fear the world for there is no support for Marxian agenda anywhere. But what in fact is the Marxian agenda, Live life as you were born with silver spoon but no missing the mouthful feed from the spoon. Rely on the best buddy but there are no buddies anywhere. Everyone is a communist. So the commune is the go getter where lies for us a host for the whole state, the mister president of the united states. Then the capitalist could not reach us let alone teach us. I must collaborate with the son of stateĀ Mafia in case the bugbear of communism knocks on my door. I don’t harbinger the secret police but I am finding work for them. The secret police is a close guarded secret where Marx dubs the lingo of newly nascent communist states. They are plenty. Next on agenda is the coolness to the hot culture as pulp fiction reminds the culture as the hottest property from the west. Boycott the west or perish fro0m the surface of this roguish institution called the world. When on the behalf of others I proxy the state, it is idly silly to just joke about the genocide if it ever was committed on the communist dawn.


The text pursues for Fictional Substance

The idea is nominal to nominate the basic structural change in defining what is inside the brief content of itself.What is contained inside the idea is fiction defining the content that is in perception a precept. My belief is fiction.Every bit of it! Otherwise there could be no more logic.Convincing myself that I believe in unresponsive substance.The substance is ideal or causation would not exist as it is fiction.In the beginning of life was an idea and that idea was prevalent in every substance that idea of existence,mere existence in having a trouble with the troubles and from those early days still the existence is with trouble as it struggles with every possible substance,to carve out of the universe its own existence.Substance could be fictional that fiction is the true attribute of God.It exists only in the sense of existing in the unreal that there is no domain that is occupied by the possibility of God except imaginary! So God is fictional substance if it is true that fictional substance is derivative for all the substance existing in the world.

The true spirit of socialism

There is nothing wrong with the matrix of love rolling down the social order.You love everyone! It’s strange but could be true as the big men of history like Mahatma Gandhi adduces it to be.What is the motto of love? To keep in close with the loved ones whom we neverĀ  want to fade away from our eyes.We live the destiny only once and the socialism brings the men of destiny sharing a dream with yours.He lumbered hard faintly recalling to senses the idea of his love, a grim sincere idea of a brotherly passion consuming his sweat from brow.Who could deny the heartbreaks or heart-breakers who play around like lovers calling in the action that is recorded.I have done it.There is relief in knowing there is a course of wind that is never changed,it blows somehow and then falls mute on the dead earth baked to cracks slinging like mud burgers.The true spirit of socialism never dies.

The big fruit of socialist order

You can’t have a pie,doubts raised about the efficacy of socialist system if such system could well be placed into the nation’s breeding population.If you could have a pie and you mean to eat it, there’s another doubt about how could you manage a pie in the socialist order in the first place.These are pretty well doubts in the minds of socialists.Is capitalism better? hell! no.Or there could be another system in place of socialism,well may be absurdism.Absurdist idea of economy is a relevantly new as I write I invent it to the absrudism as defined for us by Albert Camus though it has not become an ism so far but what’s the harm in believing if it could be believed into? Albert Camus sees the world in pretty chaos and lack of order doesn’t bring in anarchy but a suicide.Apart from suicide the absurdism is not out of place and it pretty well means strangeness of life is ever present in the liking of it.We are strangers roaming the earth and spending most of our time with trivial pursuits.So any upbeat system that makes life pretty desirable like materialism is not all together a waste but what a man is supposed to do with a materialistic world order? just relegating it to primordial or feudal values that kings and knights attribute to the world otherwise gone crazy.Like in a story of rich prince and poor queen it is always a socialist order that wins the race ultimately.To reap a big fruit of socialism lets discard everything and keep pace with the love of life and milk the cows to believe in the iron curtain that has been heavily uplifted and behind it is a delicate sensitive world that defines the rhythm of life.

The engima of being a master craftsman

Boss is right. If I swear by the name of what’s in the name, there is a hope of getting back to my boss alive and healthy. I ‘ll be back soon. I am leaving for publicity of an entire city that needs to crop up in the internet denizens. The way the young siblings of a city eat the fast food to build the big mood, I have to reinvent the whole wheel of fortune. To be continued… I need proofs of being a archetypal baboon looking for love but society is adamant of never letting loose oneself.Where does the socialist agenda do fit in this autumn? Nowhere ?Is it done with the world that there is no social sympathy with me.I must take the credit for not opening myself to the cataclysmic ripples of the society.I am sad though life holds the bare threads like a puppet and then shove with fingers all the love of forsaken man.

The world of the Fair and the righteous

The world of the fair and the righteous
Exists in the action and the deed
To some it could be a whole life and
living the dream of jingles and be
To some it could be free as honey bee
and fill the cup of just as with sweet
There are many worlds that lie with
curvature and sleep

The falling within and about the freely
falling syndrome that is nothing in speculation
I sit and talk all that is verbal nonsense

Stalin Enigma

If Stalin would have been alive he would have never felt the iron curtain of a republic or else would have not mattered much when socialism is brought by Rouble to the whole nation states that existed in postwar Europe.It is a common sense now that Karl Marx is no nonsense.Whether or not Stalin understood communism or not is not important but what is important is the understanding of a revolution he understood when working with Lenin.The three stalwarts of a popular uprising Marx,Lenin and Stalin guarantee all the intellectual prowess they possessed while America with a definition of Neo-Capitalism stood idle barely thinking about itself.Its aliens force that could be called off Europe with Britain and France apart from common knowledge of revolution hardly possessed a shred of knowledge for Washington to think about itself and wonder what power is there in intellect to call revolution as a bold step forward in the name of mankind.Its not commonplace that when Stalin would not understand communism he would mince meat the whole population.It was born to feelings in the west that revolution is not only crazy but idiosyncratic too. So we could say that Karl Marx got a revelation to get rid off the capitalist class before they could even establish themselves.So many European dilemmas rested in the twentieth century on the common property of communist manifesto.