My Pie is sufficient for me to be happy

Restraining self control and behaving like an austere man turned away from too much consumption I am productive in the sense of contributing to already slow economy.Why to suffer at the hands of free market that could be vindictive of any person clamoring about its shores.So the best policy for a person living on his own income is to become austere in his dealings.This is important as instead of making the economy austere it is good to employ certain austere behaviors into one’s personality.Self reliance is the case in point of view that it is wiser to be dependent upon oneself than to look for other people in days of economic turbulence. It is not easy to be self disciplined as far as economical matters are concerned.Man is too large extent a social animal and he would be one whatever the county or its political system is about so we must prepare ourselves with caution as far as our economic circumstances are concerned.Being social is the responsibility of being  capable of respecting others rights and freedom beside being showing good behavior and keeping the peace.One’s political lineage could be of concern and could prevent oneself from knowing one’s position and besides status an overcoming desire to criticize and downplay other person’s political ideas.So to prevent any such social clashes, socialism helps to hone one’s ideas and to agree by and large with the idea of a socialist state that there are no ideological crisis in the state and then necessarily the happiness of others could follow.

The dream for the state

Who accords love? A silent stranger accosted her and asked for forgiveness.She stood silent without sympathizing with him,looked puzzled at him and then proceeded to her walk carrying a basket of vegetables.The scene could be of any marketplace in the world but the players are nonetheless socialists.How to come to grips in the absurd world where the world is a big market and the socialists are strangers on the way.Shouldn’t we have the time for acknowledging the economy as a tool to induce love into relationships.How to be a successful in romance and with the money? Romantics are definitely the die hard lovers who would not trade anything with the world.How to trade is being a business man and if you don’t look into the soul of business man how could be socialism earning the riches for you?There is no where written that socialists are born poor who want equality with the rich.What we fail to conceive is a rich society of socialists that has existed in the western civilization but in the east the things are murky.There is a fear of totalitarianism  and the repression of free thinking which  grows only under democracy.Then the state reluctantly tells to trust the democracy there is no need of slavery of anything not even the socialist ideas.

We need not go any further but contend with finding suitable employment in the state and move on to the higher standards of both the abstract like equality and the concrete like GDP. We are the people and for the sake of being together we could lay our claims to sovereignty, equality and liberty along with the economic agendas pursuing wealth and recognition in the state.

We must assume the World Order role

The world is blatantly existing without any strong reason for solidarity.There we exist merely for the sake of existing and what dominate our thoughts is our immediate reality that is with our respective national perspectives.We just don’t want to enforce something that is global.Our parochial interests compel us to take a stance that completely ignores the world order.The world order is not a reaction to the existing world schema but how the world is built for addressing the global issues challenging us today.We are busy with the regional notions such that we totally ignore the order of the world where everything is with the unique humanitarian viewpoint highlighting humaneness in our respective societies.I am a citizen of the world first as I am humane than the citizen of a  country such that the order of things that we imply by first becoming the citizen of a nation are imperial in design .There is nothing wrong with the citizenship issues when we tend to follow a national perspective but we must think that the global issues need our paramount interest like climate change and the eradication of dangerous diseases like polio.We as humans have developed our economies coming a long way since the beginnings of industrial revolution.Our political stances also dominate with the regional perspective that first signifies our existential needs like religion.We must start looking with more global viewpoint so that we could establish humanitarian beliefs in our existence as the human race of the universe.

A story of sorts

I pledge to myself that when comes an opportunity to stay with my social cause I declare that I shall not give up all entirely on forming earlier ideas of Socialism.My opinion is a strict case of helping the needy with basic amenities of life.At least for a person having some sort of self esteem there exists upon love a form of self respect. I care for myself.I respect my ideas and usually I would help the people with life in order to get respect.In other’s opinions or ideas I must take up the issues affecting everybody who is responsible decision maker.We must discuss in a forum.Now the forum is not easy to come up with.Sometimes I think I could start a political party myself and other times I think I just don’t have sufficient will to even vote.The primary reason  for existing is a undiminished idea of choice for the social values you stand for.The ideas that usually take me to the back foot are those depending upon the opinion of others.What use is the writing if no one reads it.My current status on the blog is useless, no one visits me but my sheer will to produce something in writing and hence to form the ideas about myself and the society is really important and I must take the issues seriously even if there is no one to support me.What begins as an affect of  socialist tendency must complete the action in reality.