The mirage in politics

Politics is more of science than delivering speeches that move the emotions of the masses.Every leader rather than sometime have aroused the people’s emotions.The statesman is quick to learn that its the basic emotion of the people that rouse them to revere their state.They want truth and justice from the rulers in democratic times.Democracy so far the man has realized is the best form of government.Yet the democracy falls short of its stated truth , power to people.The mirage of politics settle down between the rulers and the ruled.The people having given power to their leader, the leader falls short and trap the people into false ideas of belief that are developed by the modern state in tandem to its maintenance.The people fail to see the motive behind political decisions that the integrity is forsaken to the idea of continual power for the rulers.

How to enlighten people is debate of the modern political observer. In democracy what measures should be taken so the people could see for themselves how and especially what the government of the state is building? They should be explained if necessary by other means of learning so that the people learn to understand the politics. The education though improves as man becomes more enlightened politically.The political innocence is not a  preventer of injustice. The people must actively participate in the democratic step in fact the democratic setup is laid out barely before the people by the media that if not obsessed with the idea of itself as opposite the idea of people in democracy.The media should guarantee to not seek profit out of its operation.There should be something of a die hard nature of journalism that promotes journalists of truth seeker rather than money seekers.The political nature of the state is drawn out by the media who should help the cause of people in case the ruler oversteps.

In a brief it is between the state ,people and the media that a social contract is laid for the benefit of nation.


The books of wilderness

The books, the all sort of books are the foundation upon which a dream city or a promised land could be built.The men of ideas have proved before them that the mind that revolves around the books is not feverish in its course but a mind that arouse the sleeping civilization from its dreams or broken records of self indulgence.So the books become important in the course of history.

Right from the invention of the printing press in the mid-fifteenth century, it was destined for the poor man to console himself with the ideas of freedom and liberty.The poor man yearned for the freedom to be equal in the society with the writings of Voltaire and Rousseau.The printing press and hence the books played vital role in enlightening of men in the various ages of the modern civilization that books now embody the spirit of knowledge and domain.But the books could also represent a fevered mind languishing in the citadels of power when the regime turns out to be  absolutely totalitarian.Under such circumstances the books could become the source of anguish and the history of men proved that such languishing mind in yielding to be free have brought upon with itself a feverish need to be enlightened.

This wilderness that man spends his time to be in the company of books proves that the ideas attained in the great revolutions like the American revolution, the French revolution and the Russian revolution would always be imbibed in the spirit of romance of the ages to come in the wake of men of knowledge.The wilderness of books is the passage of time in knowing oneself ,one’s position in the world and the state of man’s affairs.The rulers around the world must realize the importance of democracy and the role played by the books in bringing about the change.

I am not a demigod of capitalism

If belief in God is concerned there is hardly forthcoming to reason anything worth reasoning other than God.I am occupied with the mundane that concerns itself with the material gains from a system.It is the basic criticism of capitalism that it counters what is the damn material we follow.The material concern in philosophy is the opposite of ideal where the only cherished thought exists of the ideas.I want to illustrate the concept of matter as the beginning of all ground for the historical materialism of Marx.Then the capitalist formed the model of matter that it was supposed to be unassailable and silently the capitalist induced in the idea of religion to keep the thoughts about the matter as capital growing among the masses.I am not demigod to understand the nature of thought put forward by the capitalist.The first essence is of the idea of competition as the right to the cherished ideals that man follows.The capitalist preaches that the ultimate good is the good that has borne itself out of the competition of others.He doesn’t value the collective will unless it is used to produce his wealth.Other than wealth there is no utility in organizing people.The only utility seen by him is the individual working up for the capitalist ideals by forsaking himself to live a world of competition where everything is considered to be commodity.He preaches the market is the sole judge of society’s worth and the completion is the sole arbiter of individual soul. Matter to God he introduces the idea of religion so that the workers remain in conflict usually mental to lead a life of riches.Out of the competitive world there is hardly anything left for the capitalist to cherish the commodities.The brotherhood of man as a catalyst of change suffers. The end of the doom is no doubt the death but the capitalist kills the soul  very early during the educational process where the idea of employment germinates in the mind of the student who if conscientious rebels soon.

What’s the matter with the media?

Media control.There is nothing better than media being controlled by those who are in power right across the world and for those who wish to make decisions for the others as elected members of the respective states. There is common will up for controlling all that goes into the press,on air on radio or on television. All are the traditional means of communication and let alone the social media where the communication is on the lines of thought control at the places where opinion matters the most and then using the social media to decide for making the consent go viral for the partisan or petty foreign policy needs.

Media is not an ancient tool for thought control but a persuasive message building exercise for the democracies that think its there task to build up false opinions or persuasive thoughts while going for imperialist demands fulfilling as an economy booster.The resources in the world are rare and the competitors are many so who gets what is decided by fabricating consent with the traditional media and the internet. The internet is a guarantee of the technology global companies usually American to fix up the content that drives the users more towards the side of irrational than that of rational.It is well documented fact that its easy to control the irrational as in the case of Nazis than the rational.

The capitalist systems  are breaking in the world as the user goes more capricious than ever in the wake of technological revolution that has engendered freedom of speech besides exposing culture to other cultures.Today the byword is ‘global citizen’ who makes decisions that affect us globally like climate change than the narrower decisions about the national prestige and so on.So it becomes our duty to present information in the global world as transparent as possible.The trend is towards decentralization of the power as evinced by the currencies of technology like bitcoin and the traditional ways of manufacturing consent should be disallowed by releasing power to people slowly so that they could make decisions for themselves than the party bosses who play the rigged games sitting in the comfort of their penthouses and driving the media and the world to manufacturing consent.

The conscience for socialist world

I am a self made up of all the relevant socialist leanings.I don’t know if the right wing is kept under the leash in America by the president.It is only the democrats that entice my conscience to be socialist for the world that is slowly becoming globally conscious perhaps because of social media.The conscience I develop is for honesty for all and commitment to the global movement that is waging its long crusade to get the humanitarian record in tune with the real humanity that suffers for the lack of amenities back at home like in Africa or in the developing world.

The democrat debate is a sign of truer world that is emerging with the newer generation that is more well placed  with technology to affect change in their respective countries.The emerging clout in the third world is more sympathetic to global crisis like climate change.This is essential for developing conscience for a socialist world order.Man is a social animal and in the wake of social media it becomes urgent to address the psyche that is comfortable than the predecessors who were off the technological beat.The world has  indeed become more responsive than before consequently the opinion of the people becomes urgent in the running of economies that were developed after the second world war.Back then there was iron will of the democracies or regimes that sprang up which developed out of sync with the people.The latest trends of changing world emerges with movements established by the people who are becoming more aware with the social media that has passed the standards of togetherness and solidarity that extends beyond the countries’ boundaries.

The consequence of developing conscience and the effect to take place in various democracies is the most important repercussion of modern times in twenty first century.The workers of the world unite! Amen!.

The Irrational will to power

The irrational exits.It is a clump of emotion that people carry in society.It is skew of reason when you feel injustice done when in reality it is the emotional blinder that fails to see reason as to the sole cause of existence.I have to exist as an individual who must see through the mess of life around me.It is an individual choice.The system hands down a questionnaire a private personal questionnaire a sort of dos and don’ts of the running ideology in the nation in which the individual resides.The system wants to clump together individuals into groups and groups into political assertions or parties.The irrational is the will to be supernatural to the cause of our existence.I admit the supernatural exists just for the sake of existence and the irrational is born.It won’t go like a weather change it stays with the individual for long time till it gives birth to political decision that skews the society.The very politics that elect the government also elects the irrational to power.The dictatorships are irrational will of the society upon which it has no control.While in democracies it won’t give the necessary will to change for the better.The society becomes demeaning.

The irrational is the emotional expression that an individual chooses over a period of time believing he is the sole in charge of the effective social structures.He is capable of emotional tyranny upon himself.I forsake the reason,feels the individual in lieu of irrational will to elect all that is supernatural around him in the society.The irrational sees no one outside its own precincts.The workers could be irrational,the educators could be irrational in their experience of the state.In fact over a period of time the whole state could be irrational.This is a phenomenon of recent past where the likening of supernatural is considered as to execute all that is rational and working.It is not irrational to end corruption but the very basic fabric of society to label the corrupt as a demigod status is in fact irrational.

Dare to dream the just world

In democracy it is believed the justice would always be delivered but in reality it could be that the ruler of the nation is biased against a sect,caste or religion.In that case there is only one way to remove the ruler through electoral process but what is the guarantee that the new ruler would not be biased.To evade such things in happening it is better to organize a party like AAP party in India. Still it is not a safe measure against economic justice for the classes which contribute to the nation’s GDP to receive its share. In such cases there could be a measure that ensures economic equality by the state.What if the state starts hording capital and refuse to pay the people an appropriate compensation and the people could become corrupt under the state that there is no regulating body that regulates the trade and the economic shares.So whatever be the case ultimately the intelligentsia of the country might feel as if let down in the society as it is shown in the Dadri incident that the state machinery is incompetent for social justice.The majority swallows the minority.In such wake man is left to no other means but change the state.The AAP party in India is constituted for the sake of common man and it is still not clear that they would mend the state.In such a case the resentment deepens and the conscious and aware man feels compelled for the revolution.