The mirage in politics

Politics is more of science than delivering speeches that move the emotions of the masses.Every leader rather than sometime have aroused the people’s emotions.The statesman is quick to learn that its the basic emotion of the people that rouse them to revere their state.They want truth and justice from the rulers in democratic times.Democracy soContinue reading “The mirage in politics”

The books of wilderness

The books, the all sort of books are the foundation upon which a dream city or a promised land could be built.The men of ideas have proved before them that the mind that revolves around the books is not feverish in its course but a mind that arouse the sleeping civilization from its dreams orContinue reading “The books of wilderness”

I am not a demigod of capitalism

If belief in God is concerned there is hardly forthcoming to reason anything worth reasoning other than God.I am occupied with the mundane that concerns itself with the material gains from a system.It is the basic criticism of capitalism that it counters what is the damn material we follow.The material concern in philosophy is theContinue reading “I am not a demigod of capitalism”

What’s the matter with the media?

Media control.There is nothing better than media being controlled by those who are in power right across the world andĀ for those who wish to make decisions for the others as elected members of the respective states. There is common will up for controlling all that goes into the press,on air on radio or on television.Continue reading “What’s the matter with the media?”

The conscience for socialist world

I am a self made up of all the relevant socialist leanings.I don’t know if the right wing is kept under the leash in America by the president.It is only the democrats that entice my conscience to be socialist for the world that is slowly becoming globally conscious perhaps because of social media.The conscience IContinue reading “The conscience for socialist world”

The Irrational will to power

The irrational exits.It is a clump of emotion that people carry in society.It is skew of reason when you feel injustice done when in reality it is the emotional blinder that fails to see reason as to the sole cause of existence.I have to exist as an individual who must see through the mess ofContinue reading “The Irrational will to power”

Dare to dream the just world

In democracy it is believed the justice would always be delivered but in reality it could be that the ruler of the nation is biased against a sect,caste or religion.In that case there is only one way to remove the ruler through electoral process but what is the guarantee that the new ruler would notContinue reading “Dare to dream the just world”

My Pie is sufficient for me to be happy

Restraining self control and behaving like an austere man turned away from too much consumption I am productive in the sense of contributing to already slow economy.Why to suffer at the hands of free market that could be vindictive of any person clamoring about its shores.So the best policy for a person living on hisContinue reading “My Pie is sufficient for me to be happy”

The dream for the state

Who accords love? A silent stranger accosted her and asked for forgiveness.She stood silent without sympathizing with him,looked puzzled at him and then proceeded to her walk carrying a basket of vegetables.The scene could be of any marketplace in the world but the players are nonetheless socialists.How to come to grips in the absurd worldContinue reading “The dream for the state”

We must assume the World Order role

The world is blatantly existing without any strong reason for solidarity.There we exist merely for the sake of existing and what dominate our thoughts is our immediate reality that is with our respective national perspectives.We just don’t want to enforce something that is global.Our parochial interests compel us to take a stance that completely ignoresContinue reading “We must assume the World Order role”