In the days to return

In the days to return
I figure out all the dreams
I ever have had are fulsome grown
and at home I dream again
The dream of a lollipop singing
songs about the streets of God
claiming all that is alive as frozen
into a skyscraper in the city
I now know nothing matters but
the girl at the center stage
who harbors all my dreams
into a pantomime. I am coming home
and returned.


Learner’s repository

Think and think hard mean possibly very different but for the learner its one thing that means all the same, repository from where all hell loses free.There is after all something unique that could possibly happen.The repository of the dead is a life of opportunities that define the dead matter all the same again.Thinking is a life force that drives me crazy for the night to last longer than usual and plentiful dreaming there is nothing that could possibly be driven out of its refuge.I am be a dead man when it comes to women handling the sex seamlessly same to kill the boredom of century.

There is the lake for the soul!

I wait in between the times of knowing
and unknowing the basics of life
I trudge home from the bearings
of another world that wait and applaud
the homecoming is sweet nonetheless
coming home is spring of the weathers
I wait and wait for living matter
to grow compound upon the rusting of love
I happen to be the thought of the thinkable
to undone the maze of pleasure and
begin thereof in another direction
there is the lake for the soul