Shun the lights!

I am wary of love as it unfolds in the destiny of man,I think twice to lay in the sunshine for love is its own enemy no matter what you do,love keeps coming back.I am trying to be honest with myself.The decision  I took was shunning lights,all the glamour of the world couldn’t set me rolling in the society where everything is biased to monetary gains or plucking made on investments of currency.I am not focused on losing the limelight yet I shun the lights for the lights are synonymous with enlightenment and I don’t want to experiment with my image or my soul that’s ever demanding my attention for the intellectual surrendering of the self.Lights glitter with all the showiness that suggests welcome relief for the life.People are central points of convergence of opinion and the only opinion that I form of all the showiness is cool belligerence to the experiments of life.Like Mahatma Gandhi who experimented with the truth,I think twice for setting the mood for glitter of life.All the gold if glitters perhaps it shines on its own to enhance the glamour of itself.I am living piecemeal existence of bartering glamour with .The saints who are pious renounce the glamour and hence all the doings of life.There only concern is existence prior to self effacing .I am demanding all the gains of life and see for myself nothing matters but the spirit that shakes everything.The zeal for love, that endearing force that if withdrawn into uplifts the body and mind.The spirit is indeed fine for love of another spirit that have cast us together into the bunch.I am living all the life by shunning all the luxuries that I don’t care if its important for my existence for I know existence precedes the essence of being something.


Who else is a pragmatist?

Practical chores are important for moolah.There is nothing at stake but your resourcefulness.How well you are ingrained in your life? Nonetheless what comes may come,I am ready for the show.I run my life not to ruin it but gentle fillip to it.There is freedom and the cost is courage to try something new.I have resourcefulness and I have courage.My life zips past on a rolling skate.I am pragmatist to judge.And there is no cost matter.I choose what I put up with myself regardless the price which is exorbitant.Now I move ahead like surging past the others into the realm of love.I am alone and lonely but the courage has put me on the map as an estuary.I am practical.All jobs I hand pick are not competitive.I hate competitions and I refuse to compete.This square drives my ego and I am well settled in life.But what after all is the ultimate question of life.Why do we exist like ‘we exist’.Why not there is an essence to life like love.In fact we have an essence of love but why does love have to exist.We are caring for the longest of life but why don’t we loose interest in life.We actually do loose interest in life when either we have something big to do or something trivial.So why do we exist like the way we are existing.Eugenics! It is in our genes to exist according to our way of existence.Then why don’t we have parallel universes in which I am existing like the last man on the earth.I do exist like a last day of this life.The questioning would never end unless I found sufficient reason to exist.The basic underlying principle could be I exist for the sake of existence and my existence is because I think I do exist.I am ruined materialist agreeing with free market as the necessary condition for my soul.Nonetheless I am alone and happy.

Mind a compassionate story

Mind shouldn’t waver.It should be still and facing the fathomless bottom of self.There is silence in being compassionate with the soul.We have nothing ought to loose but only gains are to be made.I measure myself with my mind fixed on the topic of myself.My roots to the end of myself denies anything else.My mind transfixed on the energy that my self is bustling with.With a little effort we could learn to unlock the secret treasures of mind.Its an abundant energy that could be used to have a communion with the soul.The soul is a true reflection of personality.To measure myself up I must gauge the communion channel.I am silent with eyes totally focused on self I start concentrating upon the self and myself is allowing me to get comfortable with my soul.I am getting compassionate with myself.Know thy self better.There I want to be aware of my soul.My utter consciousness mellowed into self belief that I am made of elements that the nature could not deny.If there is fire, I burn myself into,If there is water then I flood myself into.There is no moment of wavering.Fixed and silent upon myself I transpose to another world.The boat of mind is on gentle waters but slowly about to ride upon chartered waters.There is a lighthouse,my brain that signals everything happening inside my mind.My mind is fictional substance.Everything there is unreal and upon ideas I welcome any thought entering my mind.The boat of mind is upon chartered waters.The storm of thoughts is rising but abiding the inner logic of soul.There is no one superior and no one inferior there is one substance that pervades everywhere, the substance of fiction that is building up within.There is an imaginary story of a brahmin upon the journey of identity.The identity of self is forming within.I could recall my name through the blinding darkness slowly coming into light.I am riding the third wave of self journey into enlightenment.