A spiritual lust for love

I am wanderer and now bedridden,solemnly staking claim to spiritual journey that I undertake everyday talking to self.There is passion for the self searching,finding true meaning of life.Like all passions it happens with a burning desire to be spiritually closer to what the nature has bestowed upon man a soulful communion with the mountains ifContinue reading “A spiritual lust for love”

Does the Octopus Have a Soul?

They’re slippery, clever, and adaptable, and a fascinating new book showcases evidence that these eight-legged terrors of the deep may even be able to think and feel. What has eight legs and just might have a soul? The answer, surprisingly, is an octopus. These leggy cephalopods, long a prominent player in human fear of theContinue reading “Does the Octopus Have a Soul?”

Soul exists for loveless world! The url is about me

In this loveless world I blink and hesitate to see the ends permuting into a beginning again of myself and the gaze I happen to see the frigid women in the cold freeze of winter All are silent except me I gaze around and again I hope the love rest is fit for the ghoulsContinue reading “Soul exists for loveless world! The url is about me”

In an illusory faith we kill wisdom and obscure knowledge

We  re-examine ourselves every time we commit errors, there was perhaps an illusion that worked up the faith and nothing else matters.Faith could be blind arousing passion while knowledge is a key to imagination that propels science and improves our world view.Having faith, we establish Frankenstein that challenges himself as God which again is illusoryContinue reading “In an illusory faith we kill wisdom and obscure knowledge”

The order of things in the universe

Things and plenty of things is a sure sign of existence but why then pessimism dominates our world order view ?Simply because we want huge many of things.Kant described the thing as thing-in-itself as things exist independent of perception and are unknowable as such.The only knowledge that is possible in such a case is withoutContinue reading “The order of things in the universe”

Absurdism the philosophy of life now and then

I bend and pick up the sea shells No more dilemma about the sea the sea is locked between the horns of a bull and a centaur My sea shells conform with the seaweed equally important is the fish that lounged in the tides I am coming home to see my mother there is aContinue reading “Absurdism the philosophy of life now and then”