Absurdist agenda of mind

I like to think that mind is immaterial aspect of our lives and interacting  with matter ,the matter is a fiction of mind on which we base our existence.We exist merely for the idea of existence that defines predominately our psyche the way we form meaning out of all that is given to us.How could we form the meaning just by the use of mere language or by searching for the ultimate substance that gives us a reason for joy after spending the whole day in mundane tasks.There has to be some substance that like gold must be rare so that we abundantly take care of it.The relations we form in life complicate the whole business of life.Can relations give us more fulfilling meaning rather than any material benefit? Our mind is the key to all such questions.For some people material  pursuit is all that is there in life and they spend their lives unfulfilled for the want of love.Of course love matters and the love essence is all we could look for in life.Love essentially reinforces the feeling of being wanted in the world that seems too much uncaring for any purpose.We could overcome the fear,loneliness and absurdity by loving someone.Life is dependent upon chance and thus is absurd.We do things on the whole that are absurd we find ourselves in relations that are absurd and even nature presumes an absurd force.In the wake of such absurdity its the love that fulfils our life.Love is and should be wilful choice of our existence.We could turnaround and say the ‘I love you’ which lightens our otherwise burdensome existence. We must find meaning and love is the starting place of finding meaning to our existence.


The knowledge of the soul is possible

The soul as awareness of the self or consciousness of being in the world is sensible through divine experience of the world which is further dependent upon transcending the cosmic knowledge of the self while seeking meaning in the world.My meaning of the reality is formed through experience of the world which is usually based on the appearances of the reality.My meaning is my knowledge of the reality while my circumstantial conditions are true to my cause of existence.I exist barely to form sense out of existence.My primary aim is to fulfil besides needs of the body the needs of the soul which is wisdom or knowledge about my existence that is based on reason.So I reason myself till I form the basis on which the knowledge of the world could be based.Apart of the knowledge is based on reason while the other part of knowledge I derive through intuition.Thus the part of the knowledge based on reason is of the soul,the divine constitution of self that fulfils the knowledge about the existence of the supreme being and matters the direction in which I take myself in pursuing divinity.It is the most urgent need to comprehend the higher reality of God.The soul thus is a thought that extends the possibility of God in the realms of knowledge based on intellectual bond with the self.

The absurd Nightingale

She sang to the full house
Beating her heart into tumultuous joys
by pulling the strings of a silvern guitar
Never forbidding anything that came to her mind
She played the music long and hollow
The crowd following her antics
She suddenly stopped and hush fell through the stadium
No one had a clue why she fell silent
And then she uttered this is a song of nightingale
and the whole crowd fell silent
And nightingale is dead in the wintery night
and everything would elope besides her
and all shuddered again with devices of their own making
and no one rose to lift her out of orderly chaos

Soul as a thinking substance

Soul does exist but more important is its existence as a thinking thing.Mind could be a soul provided thought has an extension , an awareness about itself.Mind is a fictional substance where pure thought exists and thought when has an extension is called soul.It is a level of awareness about itself when we are conscious of our thoughts we act like a soul.A soul having a face is an allegory where consciousness is outward bound and we feel our thought as having extension somewhere in the universe where we are present.Now thinking thing is made aware of its own cognition and that essence is permanent in the sense of existing beyond body that is what we call soul.So our thought of ourself called consciousness is existing separately from body but that body is one we called fictional substance like mind.So our thoughts could endure our presence in time space continuum as consciousness even when we cease to exist as a body.The consciousness of Albert Einstein is present today in the form of its own existence which is in a separate time space continuum than in which we are present in the world.So there exist many parallel worlds like many parallel universes in which is thought driving the consciousness.Our world is  not meek where the feeble could inherit it.It is composed of many different consciousnesses  in which truth prevails and the more it is truthful the more of consciousness as an existent of our self is present.It is present in a thinking form and we could in fact ride that consciousness into the universe.So thinking consciousness ultimately survives a ravage of time and exist beyond the astronomical distances of universe provided we practice truth or rational source.

Mind a monist’s idea of one and only one substance

Mind is fictional in nature,something invented by the will to live in the harsh circumstances of life and be alone in its working for producing the best result for the body.Its natural when we think ,we feel like imagining little thoughts and it is all the mental activity that makes us aware of our world.The mind sees all the thoughts in fiction in the sense that mind is building up an edifice of thought and eventually turn everything into a complex building which we inhabit during the thinking process.Like a fiction of a novel mind builds up building from tiny bricks of unit of ideas and makes us aware of the complete edifice when we see the reality out there, each construction suffice as we need and each construction distinct from other constructions.A quantum of thought does not produce any incoherent substance unless you are suffering from some sort of mental delusions.When we see the reality we hardly think of mind but an extension that has been yielded  by the mind and we call it body.Its is fictional what we see like mind itself that grows all the reality in front of us.When we see extension of objects we feel reality as real and existing in contrast to mind being fiction and unreal.There is no duality , inside mind and outside  there is a substance that could be called as fictional substance.

Metaphysics of a wandering intellect

Intellect is pungent as if bitter to taste
It smells sweet only when goaded
and is earthen in the moulded shape
The sweet bird of youth departs once and doesn’t
come back to its origin
But intellect stays as it is till the very end
and love cajoles all that is flattered sense
when time is with the null
But intellect is wandering ghost
hardly stays with its foothold
Newer meanings are sought and the old battles decided
in where the driving seating throne of intellect is
and mind flourishes for a while till every concept is sought
and his soul is God

Right or Wrong Idealism

Idealism is the idea behind the mental representation.
My pictograph,the idea is borne apart from mental representation
The weeding out of any age is no number but my pictograph
that depicts the keystrokes of chance into oblivion
thus I define a number
between unity and infinity
I am torn between something and nothing
I am at last thought a name for it or
I call genelia.