Absurdist agenda of mind

I like to think that mind is immaterial aspect of our lives and interacting ¬†with matter ,the matter is a fiction of mind on which we base our existence.We exist merely for the idea of existence that defines predominately our psyche the way we form meaning out of all that is given to us.How couldContinue reading “Absurdist agenda of mind”

The knowledge of the soul is possible

The soul as awareness of the self or consciousness of being in the world is sensible through divine experience of the world which is further dependent upon transcending the cosmic knowledge of the self while seeking meaning in the world.My meaning of the reality is formed through experience of the world which is usually basedContinue reading “The knowledge of the soul is possible”

Soul as a thinking substance

Soul does exist but more important is its existence as a thinking thing.Mind could be a soul provided thought has an extension , an awareness about itself.Mind is a fictional substance where pure thought exists and thought when has an extension is called soul.It is a level of awareness about itself when we are consciousContinue reading “Soul as a thinking substance”

Mind a monist’s idea of one and only one substance

Mind is fictional in nature,something invented by the will to live in the harsh circumstances of life and be alone in its working for producing the best result for the body.Its natural when we think ,we feel like imagining little thoughts and it is all the mental activity that makes us aware of our world.TheContinue reading “Mind a monist’s idea of one and only one substance”

Metaphysics of a wandering intellect

Intellect is pungent as if bitter to taste It smells sweet only when goaded and is earthen in the moulded shape The sweet bird of youth departs once and doesn’t come back to its origin But intellect stays as it is till the very end and love cajoles all that is flattered sense when timeContinue reading “Metaphysics of a wandering intellect”

Right or Wrong Idealism

Idealism is the idea behind the mental representation. My pictograph,the idea is borne apart from mental representation The weeding out of any age is no number but my pictograph that depicts the keystrokes of chance into oblivion thus I define a number between unity and infinity I am torn between something and nothing I amContinue reading “Right or Wrong Idealism”