This is my thought pool

Decided on moving to wordpress all my shared pool of thought and could redraw some of my collections about life on the other side of fence where instead of things looking greener look dark.I am pretty much indulged in my thinking with the philosophers of yore who though far away in distant time are actually closer to heart than you think.I enjoy writing philosophy and poetry.

These muddle arcs confuse the mind
but between the latent thought sublime all that is forgotten and mixed.


Hegelian Space

The space could be enclosed in a matrix that opines about itself.The historical search could take us for the ensuing follow up of projections on to the plane where we perceive all the matter as an idea of the space it occupies.There could be vast dissimilarities of the extension as viewed or as it really ought to be.We conceive the ideas in more general form of the type of matter as opposed to the type of space.A dome could be differing in the opinion of the majority of the perception being hemispherical or an encoded triangle could be looking for a realisation that lasts a lifetime.