Virus Free Format of champions league

… No Virus to the players like HIN1 flu that might affect the overall team performance with threatening influenza as the players travel sporiadically within Europe.  changes to the format of the main competition, which will still involve 32 teams remains unaffected as the home and away still compete during the later stages of theContinue reading “Virus Free Format of champions league”

Numbers of sports fans in soccer

The sample of football fans is considered among an idenetified target segment.The entire segment stretches from about 5 to 7 million.Those in the target segment who watch football are 368000.Those who play football are 100000.Those who attend other class of activities are 280000.Thus the total segment is of the size 748000.The percentage of those whoContinue reading “Numbers of sports fans in soccer”

The first bits just a warm up

get date timer expired naturally for the soccer game to end in extra time for the teams to go ahead for the play-off session.the ball rolls in for the group header to continue the lead in the tally table and advance to the semi-finals.Real Madrid is real for the take to i jokingContinue reading “The first bits just a warm up”

set theory proof of binomial expression of soccer

xyz. (a) Given premises is that in a set theory 5 out of 7 are in the probability distribution of population who are interested in sports. (b) The percentage of population interested in football is 1 out of 7. set A= {5…7}        B= {1} The elements of A are 1/5 1/6/ 1/7 1/5=.2  1/7=.14Continue reading “set theory proof of binomial expression of soccer”

population interested in soccer within a country

There are 3 ways to explain the population in a country interested in football. 1 Probability Distribution 2 Set Theory 3 Number Theory Today we will take the first approach that of probability distribution. Given premises is that in a set theory 5 out of 7 are in the probability distribution of population who areContinue reading “population interested in soccer within a country”

challenger of the UEFA champions league

Real Madrid with its ever honing record of having made into the later stages of champions league poses a serious challenge in the club level football.with Real Madrid just a point behind champions FC Barcelona  in the tally table,the club has covered a lot of ground overall in the champions league.