FC ZÜRICH is a swiss somersault of club soccer

FCZ is a reversal of its own fortunes for a win in the swiss super league and then aiming for a tight fight in the champions league.the club history is that many times returning to the super league after a downhill dump ZÜRICH has it that it holds fast to the club tenets of upbeatContinue reading “FC ZÜRICH is a swiss somersault of club soccer”

the existential summary of species and soccer

the soccer is a game of spirit in sprint that the species of man that has evolved over the first beginnings of existence has carried into the modern age with soccer representing not religion but the position and order of the things in nature as the ball on the field rolls over the posts onContinue reading “the existential summary of species and soccer”

greek spartan athletics in modern day version of Brache Sparta F.C

Luton, England is the home for modern day spartan antics and athletics what was to be in ancient Greece as the pinnacle of human endurance and strength. the modern times we can find a place for greek athletics in football clubs of their national leagues and Brache Sparta F.C is one among them and theyContinue reading “greek spartan athletics in modern day version of Brache Sparta F.C”

the club team house for champions league

the club house could be a dwelling place for the minor or major players of the league from where they draw inspiration to live and breathe space on and off the soccer field.for them it is not home alone but shared club team spirit that guides them not only through their span at the clubContinue reading “the club team house for champions league”

Dublin neighbourhood Bohemians scoop FAI Irish league

Bohemain FC dominate FAI league of Ireland as they are called Gypsies,strumming on to their travel around Europe praying for a chance to play the major football clubs and hope that Dublin neighbourhood of Phibsborough could one day be on the success route map of European cities basking in glory.

the lucretius design for the soccer

ancient roman poet Lucretius had a design for the world and its composition in the space of the universe that could be a sun sign,an alpha,a fish,and a round ball.the round ball represents a void empty space as evidenced in the universe.hence the modern game of soccer is a symptom of the nature of thingsContinue reading “the lucretius design for the soccer”