Fabian socialist Nehru and ardent capitalist Vallabhbai Patel versus modern Indian glasnots

Indian glasnots believe in what Nehru and Patel believed,machines,industry,technology and all the apparatus the west brought into the world markets.But with a difference that Indian glasnots want to reinvent the wheel.

faayda.com an indian recuriter site, a profit for profit’s sake

profiteering from recruiting is what this indian startup does.cheers for many more job seeking resources in this recession ridden market in India.as the day comes when there would be more jobs  than the seekers as internet population explodes,I wish if horses were the wishes.

all the corporation’s men

gone are the days when a corporation’s giants stood in public image as Gods of industrialized world.it is hard to find Carnegie,Rockefeller,Harriman,Mellon,Guggenheim,Ford among the big corporations with exception of tech firms like Microsoft or Goggle.The men who now head the great corporations are unknown.Not for a generation have people outside Detroit and the automobile industryContinue reading “all the corporation’s men”

new silk route to Asia tech stocks

venture into capital for technology to base in indian startups, new silk route is a  venture capital investing in Indian market ,a buyout fund to finance tech startups in India and Asia.the equity for the fund is floated through the investors interested in technology Asia.

indian auction trade bids with baazee.com at ebay as prices fake

ebay auction site is with baazee.com to roll over auction trade in India as a part of trade surplus it would generate in Indian sub-continent.ask and bid in India now rests at ebay with baazee.com as a dotcom acquisiton.recession or not the auction trade would go though less remarkbly than before as prices fall.

china dotcoms at shanghai exchange venture capital like neteasy

venture capital for exploding Chinese market may grow as the internet dotcoms become service providers as to the successful dotcoms of north america. like neteasy.com taking on ebay or more following like amazon network.the search engine market in china is growing with chinese ideograms dominating the searches far ahead of english phrases.bullish chinese internet marketContinue reading “china dotcoms at shanghai exchange venture capital like neteasy”

Repeated use items like clocks,calendars,watches escape recession

the items that are used repeatedly hardly suffer from recession and busting global climate.the items like clocks,calendars,watches,matchboxes,matchbooks,cigarette lighters,blotters,pocket  knives,almanacs,cookbooks,mirrors or cards are  recession proof.