players that be the aliens of terristerial

the terrristerial space could be the hunting grounds for the aliens who could play hockey or cricket that there is no one but the alien life spread of sports.the playthings as it could be called come from their nomenclature of love life that the aliens could generate in their own respect.the signs of love life could be dangerous for these players as they smitten out kittens on the grounds of their play.or love play in their boots could yet find another alien girl for upstart.the aliens could have a bifurcation of sex as it could be called that the division of the sexes in polarity of 2 as is with the humans.


Dewars whiskey is a wish key for lonesome

a wish to the dragon,where are the keys for my home garden,i want to have rich malt in blend with scotch.What the dragon would ask, ‘Are you an alien?’ what would you say ‘I am a man !’.the dragon would reply “Amen !” ‘i thought u were an alien from the terristerial’.’No i am lonesome’.The dragon would hand you the keys,’Go enjoy ! its Dewars! forget the 3 cheers. hope some day you land up with an alien from extra terristerial.’let it be.

alien love 2 b 2some

what love in life exemplifies is wholesomeness into the union of eternal bliss.the aliens with probable existence must be like touch me not,with more control on the feelings if they have is the paucity or less of feelings in aliens which make them more assertive to hold the tenderness of love.the death wish of love essence is among them like a kamakazi pilot on a mission of death and biding last time goodbyes to their beloveds.the same of death wish that exists in the aliens to finish with what is threatening to their existence unlike hmanoids in whom the greed is more prevalent or lust more enduring than love,makes them loved 2 be 2some.

alien keywords and a nail pining plot of evil and good

aliens psychokinetic humans android humaniod paranoid bot cult futures neo -noir cybernetic heroine punk pod techne

to save the earth from encroachment of human vices a form appears as android,to control the destiny of the futures.the pasts are wiped out and the humanoid form fears extinction as the journey of the alien warriors begin to land on the dusty planet,the earth.I have come here to win the ashes,not to make friends,replies alien zalatta.

the ghosts of river nile ask who is the lover of amazon

the boy next door answers that the alien might be the one who locks all the doors.the aliens come and go,nile flows amazingly while amazon sells the bay.anyone shopping answers the aliens might be the ones who behave extraordinarily.thats all folks,men are not aliens.

2 cokes 4 cakes 1 alien

who is it ? a panama cigarette or a jumbo jet , or a dying fuel or a dying hair, the answer would be 1 alien who does it !!! smoke comes up in either case then enjoy the difference,the aliens do exist !!! a morphological proof the destiny is in the universe,see u tonight there in the fame of hall,only aliens do dare!!! 2 cokes and 4 cakes not a pan cake