new alien kids on the block

kids are funny but aliens are r having a headache that's right.
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John Player is an alien cigarette brand world wide : 3 cheers for alien smoke

could be traced to 1689 Hamlet near Burlington,North America.The best cigarettes aliens smoke come from this brand while in their flying saucers if ancient astronmers are to be believed.Do the aliens smoke ? No possibly they might not even eat their pie or they might emit raditions that look like smoke.But john player is one of the oldest cigarette alive till today.Three cheers for alien smoke.

Aliens Death Race at Strand – ET contactee

Two aliens chasing in cars for cars by cars.The film is about how to paRK their cars at the strand cinema in connaught circus.The possiblity of high intelligence existing in the cosmos could be real but the film is based on a true story in the world.The alien chase is for the control of cars in the cinema that I have been missing for the real time over more than 20 years.