The double mind Alien template beings

A template for human reproduction exists that there is a pattern  or code in which the content changes but the form remains the same irrespective of the same electrical properties.The higher intelligence in relation to man must have at least double mind in which to switch between two distinct templates where the content might mirror while the form changes.The possible existence of Aliens.


Cosmic spirit chimps or chicks the eggs are always laid first-ET contactees

Where the first egg on the earth came from ? Adam or Eve ? Nonetheless earthling.Cosmic transcendence claims the first egg on the earth came along with the earth as with the water.Alien intelligence might independently exist in the outer space.The science bases theories on assumption that nature is mindless and man hence is at centre controlling and manipulating the natural processes that lie in the world as the case.That there is no such cosmical spirit but being of the subjective I.The evidence that the cosmos has not fallen apart over the past billions of years signals inherent code existing in the cosmos that explains the intelligence behind its survival till this date.Hence there is a serious possibility of alien intelligence existing in the outer space.

The dark camera of Guru Dutt

Guru Dutt is dead.But his camera lives on.The face is of Waheeda Rehman ,the film is Kaagaz Ke Phool.The camera captures the essence of a female star in struggle with the glitz of cinema.It is cinema within cinema.As Guru Dutt acts himself in opposite to Waheeda Rehman,his camera moves from himself to the quintessence of feminine beauty without putting himself off balance.The dark side of human life is portrayed by cheating himself off the camera in relation to a young woman.An intelligent device indeed in the late 50s of the past century.
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Atlas shrugged in pajama phenomenology-a possible ET contact

A pajama party with spooky tales and a radio invasion with a signal recording low and high over a FM band could be a source of ghostly experience.Nonetheless phenomenology of existence might refer to the possible existence of alien life with high intelligence existing merely or ad hoc as radio waves that have not been sent or transformed on the earth but present in the stellar skies.If the evidence  on the earth could be mapped to the radio waves emanating from the earth exclusively from the outer space,a possible ET contact is on the cards.

Shashi Kapoor- A man and a maestro of Indian cinema

A blue eyed boy of Indian cinema ,Shashi Kapoor enthralled the Indian and western audiences with his lop sided smiles and clean cut ebullient dialogues well over a past four decades.He though could be considered diminutive in standing as with the number of one man hits in cinema but his charm carved a niche for him as  a Hindi actor versed with western mannerisms like in his films HOUSEHOLDER,HEAT AND DUST ,SIDDHARTHA.Playing the soldier of truth in DEWAAR, shashi delivers one of the most memorable lines of Indian cinema “Mere paas maa hai”.A maestro indeed he is.

Extraterristerial encounters of alternate kind

Extraterristerial  An alien is an alternate reality that is impersonal to human mind that cannot be perceived in entirety like in feast with the beast.Or that any alien life existing beyond the earth is impersonal in nature that is not of human kind at all but a different dimensions of representation of how humans represent symbols.So how we represent symbols there might be another possibility of how symbols could be represented  by an alien race.From our ancient civilizations,symbols in different civilizations have been used differently.Likewise there could be another set of symbols that convey different set of usage in alien race that henceforth is unknown to us by their very nature.