when rajesh khanna was an old timer

there was a passion in indian cinema ,now the goose rules the roost.No film so far baring mere baap phele aap seems to be like something of the making of yanne bhi do yaroo.Any how rajesh’s film daag i liked most in the lot of past quarter of a century.


Why dictators always ring more than twice?

Dictators always ring more than twice.It is nor for the governance.Neither it is for dial-tones.Not at all for the foreign affairs or economic matters.Never for the people.It could not be for the popularity or to check upon their wives.It is for a well guarded secret that somewhere down there is sitting a ring leader to whom they connect and  who rings back.So they remain anonymous to be called a ruler  and for every message they call more than twice ,whether you call it a publicity or propaganda is just a matter of debate.

Is Bush home sick ?

Across all the platforms,Bush is under criticism of misadventures in Iraq ,riding to Baghdad and  thereafter leaving Iraq into utter chaos.Since then he has  become much of a loner in the manner Democrat election has taken its course.Obama is rising in popularity while Bush who is at the tether end of his political carrier failing to ignite any worthwhile response among American populace and the media.Bush is no adventurous type as to sail alone with looming perils of Arabic wizardry.He did sail though.He is no wizard either to pull a card up his sleeve.He must be homesick in his own country.Bush is not a trickster either to follow the more tricky war than himself.His presence in the White House has soured and he is in the lone deck of the presidential chamber.No more of adventure,none of the tribulations,the legacy Bush would pass over  is not of adventures but failed boomerangs.

Tribal junta Live Life Laugh with living dictators

Junta is a group gone large from a small bunch of cronies in assembly to a full blown coterie controlling the country with usually a fist.Junta doesn’t work in the reverse in the sense the ruling group driving the smaller or any of splinter groups.That there would only be one Junta within the confines of a country.Like a big fish eats the smaller fish,Junta controlling the county’s entire resources eats up any other groups that are existing anywhere within the confines of a country.That is the strategy by which Junta goes.Junta can be defined as a ruling group or council that directs the country through brute force,usually military.Military acts as a vehicle of mass segregation to dissemination of propaganda.The least interest of military is to invade any territory rather than the military just acts a proxy for the ruler as if the ruler exists only for the nation like Hitler or the military exists for the people like Mussolini.Junta is a force but only with a fist that silences the dissent and the grouping .Junta organization is tribal in nature.How the tribes organize so is the organization of Junta.The social organization is with a leader who propagates the ruler as necessary messiah for the social functioning and trappings.The society is for the state that state dictates not only the order but functioning .Junta is a tribal force that it organizes or reorganizes through force and nothing is deferred to state that state or ruler is overpowering and omnipotent





Would Obama run an ipod government ?

Obama is at the helm of democrat party’s proceedings to the election of the president.He is a bit elitist in controlling the populist demands of American politics,gathering an effective political will around himself.He represents a change in behavioural economics of 21 century American dream.Coming from a racial minority and representing as the democratic choice of candidate for the president of America calls for minor upheaval in how the American nation is organized.The American nation is changing with modern gadgets like ipod becoming common place in the society and a daily dosage of such gadgets a norm of life.Obama represents such daily dosage of gadgetry.He is up for a change against the traditional and offbeat patterns of social and economic conduct.But would he run an ipod government that is markedly different from the past governments who have assumed the office.Ipod is simple to use and that simplicity is reflected by Obama in his victory at democratic nomination.The populist aspirations based on foreign and economic policies as easy to go about rules the vast American diaspora.Obama neatly fits in.But would a government susceptible to ease to connect with overcomes the more bureaucratic governments that are prone to delays from political will than any other source,Obama’s liberal stance as neo -convertion to more liberal democratic practices stands out from the rest of republican party’s governance over the past decade.Obama is a neo -liberal and that goes well with  neo-technological advances like ipod.He is accessible though elitist in attitude which is counted mostly because is social and racial profiling.He is most likely to from an ipod government that is simple to access and easy for the people to connect to.

Why I don’t ask at antique fairs ?

I mean about the antiques.It is priceless but still I wouldn’t bid for it.The deal is sealed so are my lips.What is pecking my speech at the antique fairs is the value I would carry home and the care I had to go for the antique weighs on me and my soul too.I cannot take it if it gets broken or tarnished by dust or even lost or stolen.But I do go to such antique shows to collect monograms,photos,brochures or greeting cards.This I do, not for a hobby but just for the remembrance that I made a visit to the fair and couldn’t bid even if the asking price is low,sometimes for monetary reasons and most often for homely modifications or arrangements that I would have to go through.A one visit to any antique fair calls me to make necessary arrangements at home,move furniture around,change the television place, etc.It turns out to be a little painful and a bit nostalgic.And bidding is not easier either.You must have appraisal booklet if available with you.And the value of art is difficult to guess.So normally I keep my mouth shut on such fairs.If antiques are for antiquity the historical misplace in the modern times is taxing on the mind and body.So what I do I pinup rather paraphernalia collected at fairs on my cupboards.That is easy I don’t ask anybody for that and I am happy home watching TV .

Tax the hats necessarily means taxing the opinion

Where ever I lay my hat that’s my home.So goes the lyric.Tax is a complexity the modern society is fearing that debts the income to flow into global stream. How well equipped the modern man is to allow his income to trickle into global funds or investment ? And how much insured he is against this phenomena ? His opinion is a dilemma.He must contribute to taxed income but he cannot have a stake assured against his contribution.He must play on his own without any significant feedback about his taxed money whiter it is ending up in global corporate businesses or in upcoming economies of developing world.So his opinion is divided among his loyalties.He is a loyal citizen but misinformed investor.His opinion is withdrawn from global happenings and has a mistrust of media reporting .His priorities are caught up between a choice of home and away , somewhere a remote place in a different continent.He is taxed at home and partied abroad.He is taxed but for his hat and his opinion is of mistrust.