On Parting

We met and parted our ways

and then went outdoors wondering

how could the sun be the son on the heart with the impinged pain?

I rest assured

God is silent on the universe!


The Day in the Dark

Held captive to the surrounding air, suffocating it was

he hardly looked askance but on the glint of the tablecloth

as if it had been the sole reason for the lunch

to be served on the platter nonetheless showy

to show only not to satiate the stomach as she had said

make no bones about love just celebrate the day in the dark

resting while the love flew out on with bark as he took to his lips

the immortal glass of Eden’s hemlock and sighed

the rest is the day’s ashes as I have won in love for the lark

The right hand

The wings of the pigeon clipped off to the dying sun
and the moon stayed in the sky on path bent like an envelope
that would unfold to read the moods of the night
then the rapture to change the forsaken mood cheered
by sprinkling the wine over the shrubs but inside him remained
silent and awake with the living-smog and life-rust
the clean shaved ashen fresh faces with the tinge of a mint after-shave
stared at the rocking chair and turning off the pages of the Bible,
his voiced fluttered like a featherless pigeon on the stave
the day had become sleepless again as if the sleep was a
commodity brought on the black market- the dear one indeed


Await your fate on Saturday night

Sync to the moon phase with might

the winds stand seldom chance

to fight the distant but adamant stance

marry the girl who wears red Chemise

and be not damned in the golden hunt

for the white December and love me, please!

The Choppy SEAS

The force of the argument could yield aloofness in adverse conditions or on the choppy seas,

this is a beguiled trick a part of the trickery bag-  sailing on sails of dame-lame of fame and appear desirable to the nation free,

the devoured gigantic force betwixt the boats raptured the forty-seven swords of pirate men about the war on the seas,

what this leisure period of warring nations could afford?

the war was the beast, and it doesn’t mean we give up factions only to lie naked about to sex in peace.

Fate or Fete

The world is at war with itself  in the ongoing struggle of man

to become a paragon of love and peace to be

with the end of the cataclysmic affair, you see

For the fringe benefits of a tardy lady out on a date

a crisp flavor to dole out romance is in the waiting

let’s see the end point of a fragile love affair,

there’s a gonna change of baton, you see

and the seal of the fate of young lovers to be




With the fire in his belly

With rotund face charmed by a lass

he declared the love for the Gods on his flute,

behind the veils of a dystopian heart

he hid the charms of the Mediterranean

that would he divulge with a moment

every thought and every emotion

that he insanely felt like a begotten ape

off the soil of the earth.

Now brave enough to seek God

in his slender frame of a sunken man

he would take the ships across the seas

looking for knowledge and the wisdom

which he brought home and now played

on his flute the symphonies of time with

a manner of Lord Amen!